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Saturday, May 19, 2007

AniMagical Preferences

In the words of Francis Bacon, 'Imagination was given to Man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is'. The world of animation-films opens the floodgates for entertainment for mankind, through a pampering of both imagination and humor. Here is a selection of animation films that have enthralled me over the years, and as they transport me and all others to a world of fantasy, fun and magic, I call this listing AniMagical Preferences, albeit personal and biased. The films have been enlisted in a ranking that is exclusively mine, given alongside are the years of release:
1. Monsters, Inc. (2001)
2. Finding Nemo (2003)
3. The Lion King (1994)
4. Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993)
5. The Little Mermaid (1989)
6. Aladdin (1992)
7. Beauty and the Beast (1991)
8. The Rugrats Movie (1998)
9. Robots (2004)
10. Happy Feet (2006)
11. The Polar Express (2004)
12. Shark Tale (2004)
13. Toy Story (1995)
14. Antz (1998)
15. Shrek (2001)
16. Shrek2 (2004)
17. Ice Age (2002)
18. Cars (2006)
19. Chicken Little (2005)
20. The Incredibles (2004)
21. Anastasia (1997)
22. The Road to El Dorado (2000)
23. The Prince of Egypt (1998)
24. Pocahontas (1995)
25. Mulan (1998)
26. Titan A.E. (2000)
27. Madagascar (2005)
28. Brother Bear (2004)
29. The Jungle Book (1967)
30. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

The Lion King


Mehul said...

Wow! What an amazing selection of films! i am sure the list would be lapped up by all animation addicts like me. It is really a splendid selection.
Dude, it is interesting to note how Hollywood has cashed in on the animation boom. Sophisticated techniques, smart story-boarding, the marriage of CGI & conventional graphics and, above all, the star-voiceovers have made animation films such an interesting genre of late. Most of the wonderful animation films that have created history, and hence a worldwide fan-following, are from the mid/late 90's. Now the animation genre has also thrown up several sub-genres. I hope the market doesn't get saturated in the near future. It wouldn't if our IMAGINATION is let loose and we aren't stifled by the formulaic threads that are common to many such films.

arpita_loves2chat said...

Cool post. I loved the selection. Superb!

Roshan said...

wot abt Iron Giant, Flushed away, wallace and gomit -Curse of the ware rabbit, The nightmare before christmas, Over the hedge and Corpse bride...not in the favorites :( uh oh...i love those movies

abhishek said...

Wonderful selection.
I love most of the films that are there in your list.
Apart from the superior graphics and style that make the current genre of animation films so hugely popular, I also love the fact that the animation films are able to bring together an otherwise unimaginable assembly of actors. Who could have imagined Woody Allen and Sylvestor Stallone in the same film (Antz)? Or Tom Hanks doing multiple voiceovers in the same film (The Polar Express)?

Anindo Sen said...

I thank u all from the botom of my heart for liking the blogpost on Animation Films. I agree with all of u that it is practically impossible to have an exhaustive list of favorite Animation Films simply relying on one's memory and recall. Yet I have tried my best. There have been some inadvertent omissions, while some of the gems I haven't had an opportunity to view as yet. I have also not included the animation classics in the short films category. However, the Wallace & Gromit film has also a duration of less than an hour. I also refrained from including some of the films which has a blend of animation with the non-animated characters or backdrops, yet some of those films, like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', 'Cool World', 'James and the Giant Peach', 'Space Jam' and 'Looney Tunes:Back in Action', are definitely worth watching not just for the use of animation or the novelty of blend, but also for their cool concepts.

Satyaki said...

Buddy, I knew that you love movies, but I did not know that you are also an ardent follower of animation movies. The movies listed in your blogpost, most of them, are my favorites too! It is indeed a cool post.
By the way, I have also joined your Orkut Community AnimationFilmLoverz
Hope to see lots of cool posts and polls there too.