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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Shubho Nabobarsho!~ Choddosho Unish!!!~
Launching today......
a brand new Bangla website!!!!!
It's called Shabdabaaji
[Bangla sobder khela - nishiddho noy , emon ek dhoroner SHABDABAAJI - jante hole , khelte hobe!!]
-it's the brainchild of my dear friend Tonmoy, better known as MJ Roy, the popular anchor/presenter from the world of radio and television.
Shabdabaaji, literally, means word bomb or word cracker, and the pun in Bangla is with the art or skill of toying with words, having fun with the usage and guessing the right word, or parts of a word.
The site promises to be a whole lot of fun for all those who are thorough with the Bangla language and love solving word games. It promises to carry forward the joy of participation which became one of the major highlights for the FM radio station 94.3 Radio One, where Roy's programme spread its wings.
I must confess that I am myself not so skilled at solving Bangla word puzzles. But I was astonished to find so many who are adept at it. People would tune in just to compete and win prizes when the programme would be on air. Roy carried forward the concept to live events at the Book Fair (Kolkata BoiMela) garnering a super-positive response from the masses.
No wonder, last year, the United Nations declared Bangla to be the sweetest language on earth...... and it is this very sweetness that is about to be celebrated once again.

From this day onward, the auspicious Paila Baisakh, all those who are skilled in the language, and love toying with the common Bangla words, would have a new reason to rejoice.
SHABDABAAJI, the website, hopes to be big. The possibilities are immense. Now, global netizens can participate and get hooked to a new literary indulgence.
One should just love to accept the challenge that a regularly used Bangla word might pose in a somewhat changed look. A passable knowledge of common Bangla words will be enough to log in to the site for days and months.
Here, take a look, to know what it is likely to offer:

It's a novel concept indeed..... may it grow as a phenomenon.
Launch venue: Big Bazaar Family Centre, Sealdah,
Poila Baisakh, April 14, at 5pm.
Be there at the event, and,
more importantly, log on to the site for word-related fun:
Here's wishing it the very best.
And here's telling Roy, 'Kudos! Best of luck, buddy!'