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Saturday, April 09, 2011

A tête-à-tête with Shoaib Ibrahim

Shoaib is one of my very first e-friends.
We befriended on Orkut, and now we are pals on Facebook as well, and even though our interactions haven't been too regular in all these years, he has always come across as unassuming, friendly and responsive. He has been pursuing a career in modelling rather seriously, and, to be very honest, his natural charm would easily appeal to anyone who vibes with him. Contrary to the narcissistic froppery and snootiness that some male models are known for, Shoaib is an easy-going lad. Here, for the readers of my blog, I have had a candid chat with him, essentially on his modelling dreams and pursuits:

Hi Shoaib, first, I would like to know about your initiation into modelling..... how did it all start?

My sister, who is also a fashion designer, and my brother ....they both saw the potential in me and encouraged me to get into this and made sure that I had my portfolio done..... that was how it all started.

Tell me, who inspired you?

None other than Salman Khan....

Really? That's interesting.

Ya, I have always looked up to him as my role model... I really like his style, his charisma, his acting, everything about him, and have always wanted to do the same... You can say, I am a die-hard fan of Salman Khan.

Did you have any mentor or guide to help you groom as a professional model?

No, I think you don't need any grooming as such. You develop the spark within, that inner strength of yours on your own.... with your inner confidence you are the one who can actually change yourself.

That's true, but what do you think are the pre-requisites for a successful model, apart from the natural good looks which you are blessed with?

Hard-Work , a positive attitude, focus and patience - these are the key factors for one's success in any field, and modelling is no exception.

Do you love to function more as a ramp-model, or for television commercials or for the print medium, any preferences?

Ohh.... I enjoy all of them so no personal preferences as such.

When you are on your own, what are most comfortable in?

My denims and a cool t-shirt.

That's cool! Buddy, would you say male models have more competition than female models? I mean, are the opportunities less?

Well, I don't think so. As far as I am concerned, I have never felt that kind of insecurity, and I truly believe that one should be his own toughest competitor.

Any personal favorites or idols amongst the male models, who you look up to?

Yeah.... Shawar Ali Bhai.

I think, he has been one of the most successful male models from India, in the league of Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal, Dino Morea, and Zulfi Syed.

True. Plus, he has been around for so long!

Yes. Now, would you like to share some interesting/funny/bizarre experiences as a model?

Every moment in this field is interesting, every shoot, every assignment comes with its own share of excitement.... so, nothing in particular.

Many think that modelling as a career option is not so lucrative despite the quick bucks and the glamour, as the shelf-life of a model is quite small. Would you agree?

Yes, you can say that if you want to limit yourself only to this as a career.

You are quite accomplished even academically, as you are a dentist as well.....

Well, even if one wants to diversify in showbiz, one can easily move into films and television. So, it all depends upon the thinking and the determination of an individual to make it big. This is the way it is ... I mean, one does require to look beyond and move on in life, one should always look for betterment. Hence, to remain in the limelight for a greater span, one cannot afford to limit one's growth as just a model.

I agree. By the way, talking of films, do you find a bias amongst film-directors who are of the view that male models are too vain to emote comfortably in front of the camera?

Actually, I have a different opinion on this. Such a generalization would not be proper. I can tell you that I have seen the perspective vary from individual to individual. I won't say that there's a general reservation on the part of the directors to use model-turned actors.

Finally, tell me what you look forward to achieving in the future, any special dream or aspiration that you'd like to share with my readers?

Hahaha.... my future plan.... rather, my only dream is to get into films and to become successful actor eventually.

Okay.... that's superb! Here's wishing you all the best. May all your dreams come true, and may you have a contented life, buddy.


Anirban Halder said...

Cool post, buddy. It added a variety to the posts.

namit said...

Wow! A welcome post.... a nice digression from your earlier chat session.... a model's perspective is quite interesting, and Shoaib surely has oodles of charm!
However, I would have loved to know more from him as regards the discipline, dietary constraints and the workouts that he follows in order to keep looking gorgeous.
I am sure Shoaib will be going places as a hot-bod model.

Neeraj said...

Shoaib looks suave, decent and handsome-to-the-core. I am sure he'd set the ramp on fire as the perfect clothes-horse. I wish him all the best too.

abhishek said...

Cool post. And a cool dude is what Shoaib seems to be. If only he had been more candid about the grime and the gruesome odds beyond the arclights..... but I understand his need to remain politically correct.
Whenever we ogle at a model regaling us from a billboard, or from the ramp, or from the pages of a glossy, or on few seconds-long commercial on our T.V. screens, we do not get a peek into all that goes to prepare for the drop-dead-gorgeous looks, or the beefy body-scape. It takes healthier options as well as the quick-fix quotas of boosters and supplements, and sometimes there's the unholy grind of appeasing the talent-hunters as well.
Yet, millions of males and females aspire to become models, supermodels and go the whole hog as wannabe actors and actresses too. Ani, I earnestly hope your friend's is a success story without hiccups and hurdles.

Shoaib said...

Awesome post and interview I must say... and Mr.Shoaib seems to very sorted model .. his answers are self motivating and very much impressive he seems to be so optimistic, hard-working and positive that he can impress and attract tons or people and woww he is doctor as wel what a deadly combination of looks, personality and brains... I believe that he is the guy who has earned the respect in all aspects of his life and with the killer looks, deadly personality and such a well-determined person he is he can go very far... Insha'Allah .. and really wish , want and hope to see you in bigger screen as we have seen your advertisements and hoardings and your magazine's now i am dieing to see you on a bigger screen Insha'Allah will get the chance very soon
Wish you all the luck and happiness and success Ameen .. :-)
and yeah Anindo great job keep it up :-)

pallavi said...

This guy is definitely a hottie! I am desirous of befriending him;-)
An interesting post from you, Ani.
Keep up the good work.

Imran said...

Surprise, surprise..... a male model who looks as good with his decent looks, as with his shirt off...... hahaha...... I really like this guy Shoaib Ibrahim.
Well, to be honest, there are many a Shoaib with cool temperament and/or super-cool charm..... for example, the cricketers Shoaib Akhtar and Shoaib Malik..... and even the Shoaib who has commented here.
LoL :D

Joy said...

Shoaib has clean-cut good looks. That's his edge, his U.S.P.
I am sure he'll do good in films too if he hones his acting skills and bags good projects.
I too wish him all the best.

Vivek said...

This is a cool post, Anindo. I was surprised to see a male model featured here, for a change though. But, today, I was all the more surprised (pleasantly, of course) to see this guy, Shoaib, featured in the Hindustan Times article that hails this 'cool' dentist-cum-model. So, here I am, commenting on your post eventually, as I had promised that I would.

I think, what's most important for a model, male or female, is to instill a sense of hard-core professionalism, one has to take pride in what one does, and yet avoid behaving like an incarnation of Narcissus. Looks are transient, and, for the more sustained appeal, one has to really be a good person, from the inside. Self-discipline is a prime requirement, and one has to be persevering indeed to chase the ever elusive dream of having the spotlight on oneself for the longest time.

Miimzo said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful...... that's what this guy called Shoaib seems to be....... he looks both cute and sexy! I wish him all the best in his future pursuits.

Vishesh said...

Cool is the new hot!
Shoaib looks amazing any which way. I can see that he will look as sexy sporting casuals and formals, as he would sporting nothing
but a sweet smile;)

LoverBoy said...

Hey, Shoaib is the new Khan on the Tollywood block! It's cool that he is using Khan as surname, which has its own USP. Shoaib's debut Bangla flick 'Knock Out' is about to release!!!!
I wish him all the best for his new innings.

Neha Azad said...

Shoaib is 1 pure n bful soul i knw.. N m very thankful to god as m also a small part of his life. My bestie is worlds best n d most handsome human being..wish u d best in evrything.. Love u..