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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A tête-à-tête with Samadarshi

Samadarshi Dutta is one of the fresh talents that Bangla cinema can boast of. He is an actor who has been consistently doing quality work, and I am proud to present a candid conversation with this actor par excellence.

Even a few months back, I was unfamiliar with your acting.... but after watching you in "Aami Aadu" early this year I was absolutely impressed and have no doubt that you are one of the hottest young talents in Bangla cinema.

Thanks, for the appreciation. I haven't acted in too many films, but I consider myself lucky to be associated with good films.

You had started out with television, didn't you?

Well, I did just one television serial called "Kakhano Megh Kakhano Brishti", and it was a few months' work only, yet it got me some recognition.

True, and many have told me that they know you because of that serial.... people in the film fraternity, also admire you a lot for your very first film, "Ichchhe" that hasn't been released till now.

Yes, people in the industry who have seen "Ichchhe" have all lavished praises on me...... it was indeed a special film, and I acted alongside Sohini Halder, who played my mother, and Bidita Bag, with whom I share a wonderful working chemistry.

Samadarshi, you have had a formal training too, at the FTII, Pune, and it must have been quite an enriching experience, right?

Of course, I was lucky to have had done my stint there, and apart from the grooming and the exposure to the art and craft of cinema, I have made some great friends.
That you are well-versed in acting was evident when I saw "Aami Aadu", and then when I saw you in "Aarohan". You did some acting on stage too, didn't you?

Yes, I did group theatre for some time before moving on to act in films.

But don't you think for Bangla mainstream cinema your grooming and education might be considered a disadvantage? Are you open to all sorts of screen roles?

By Bangla mainstream cinema if one understands a certain kind of copy-paste versions of Telugu or Tamil potboilers, then I might not fit into the so called mould, but I do have enough confidence as an actor that I can act in diverse genres of films.

In "Aarohan", you have had an American accent, you must worked hard.....

I think I did a somewhat okayish job in terms of preparing for it. I also had to acquire the accent of Murshidabad district for "Aami Aadu", if you remember.....

Of course, you had sounded absolutely convincing!

Well, that is what an actor is supposed to do, isn't it? Becoming a character in entirety involves getting the dialect, the body language and the behaviour right.

Very true. By the way, your Hindi diction is good, so, are open to offers from Mumbai?

Mumbai, Chennai..... whichever part of the country beckons me! I'm open to doing films in any regional language whatsoever, and I believe I can pick up the language for the role.

Wow! Is that because you weigh your options cautiously, or find that Tollygunge might not have the right kind of opportunities.....

My first release was an out and out commercial film, "Saathi Aamaar Bondhu Aamaar", and it is not that I'm too proud of that film.... I want to act in films which I can proudly look back upon when I reflect on my work as an actor some years from now.

In that film, you were introduced as Surya..... which was odd......

There are things like that an actor can't do anything about. Interestingly, the first time I had got an offer from Tollygunge, was from the Late Anjan Chowdhury, who wanted to make a film with me, and though it didn't materialise, the fact that he himself had narrated the script is a treasured memory.
Please tell me about your projects at hand.

I have wrapped up the shoot for "Mukti", "Bhooter Bhobisyot", and "Dekha Na Dekha".

In Gautam Halder's "Mukti", you have worked with Raakhee Gulzar, right? How was it working with her?

Yes, I do not have many scenes with her in the film though. She is a stalwart indeed and working with stalwarts give me enough resources and insights which I look forward to implementing in due course. for example, in "Aarohan", I had worked with Soumitro Chattopadhyay and Sandhya Roy, and from them to I got to learn as well. I worked in "Hing Ting Chhawt" which too had Soumitro Chattopadhyay. Thus, my perspective on cinema indirectly got shaped even while I was working.

A personal question, as an actor, do you feel insecure at times?

I'd be lying if I deny; the profession of acting does have its share of insecurity, but I believe in honing my skills and having enough self-confidence and faith in my capability. I am passionate about acting.

When exactly did you sense this passion within, for the first time, you do not come from a family of actors or cinema professionals, do you?

No one in my family have been part of showbiz, my folks are all academically inclined, and have had successful careers.
I remember being stirred by a film shown on television, when I was in high school, I recall the very scene but not the name of the film, and I knew that I had to act! Eventually, getting selected as a student at FTII was a huge turning point for me.

Tell me about the things you indulge in when you aren't acting.

I love watching films. I can boast of an impressive collection of films from around the world on my computer..... hahaha......

What kind of films do you watch?

All kinds..... I love watching world cinema - the classics, for sure, plus works of all the contemporary greats.

You have an eclectic taste in music too..... I know, you play the guitar.....

Well, I do love strumming the guitar. For a while, I had studied tabla, sarod, and violin too.....

That says a lot about you, you love accomplishing things.... hahaha.... but, Samadarshi, I can't help observing how affable you are, without the trappings of a star.

I am not a star, not yet..... I would love to be an actor, an actor who works earnestly..... and by the grace of God, people like me. People who have worked with me, including my co-actors and technicians, and even the spotboys and the chaiwallahs, have endeared me. Somehow, I can connect with people. I love that.

How do you stay fit? Isn't the physicality bit in cinema a fad now?

I am not into beefing up, as is evident, but I do believe working out is important. It is important for an actor to stay fit and healthy, by all means.

You know, I was elated to learn that "Aami Aadu" has bagged both the National Award (for best regional film - Bangla), and the Silver Award at SAARC Film Festival in Colombo. I am sure that you will go places as people will take note of you for your distinctive. May your work speak for itself. I wish you all the best for all your forthcoming projects.

Thank you. I am happy that people love me, and my work.

It was lovely talking to you.
I am sure my readers will enjoy the chat as well.


namit said...

Lovely post. Good to see you promote talents from the regional cinema. I confess that I am yet to see any of the films that this guy has acted in, but will make sure that I catch them soon.

saurabh said...

Awesome! It's unbelievable that at such a young age this newcomer has achieved so much..... I was only aware of his film 'Aami Aadu: Sound of Love' which is truly cinema at its best. I wish Samadarshi a glorious future.

Neeraj said...

Cool post, Ani.... yet again.
You seem to select your interviewees with an eye to promote the young and the talented, and Samadarshi Dutta seems no exception. He is genuinely talented, I saw him in just two of his films though, and he has the decent good looks to carry him along. He is not just a fresh face, I'm happy to note, but is here to prove his worth. I loved him as Suleiman in 'Aami Aadu', and his role in 'Arohan', opposite Rituparna Sengupta, had again caught everyone's attention.

Krishh said...

Hey..... one more new guy in Bangla cinema! So, does that mean competition for Dev, Jeet, Hiran, Indranil and others?
I guess not; because, it appears that Mister Samadarshi makes a convincing portrayal in meaningful, or parallel (or middle-of-the-road) cinema.

Sharmee said...

Liked this post. I am really hopeful of this guy. His eyes and his smile are quite endearing.

Sassy said...

I saw the movie 'Hing Ting Chhawt' and though I didn't quite like the movie, I liked Samadarshi in it. His presence was eye-catching and I am hopeful of his prospects in the films to come.

Siddhu said...

This interview makes a far better reading than the one you had with Vivek.
I guess it also has to do with the fact that Samadarshi, as an actor, holds much more promise.
He was brilliant, to say the least, in both 'Aarohan' and 'Aami Aadu', and I'll surely be on the lookout for his other films.
Wishing him the very best in life.
And, you too keep up the good work, Ani!:-)

aniruddh said...

Hey, Ani! Loved your post. I a fond of Samadarshi. He is one of the brightest young stars from Bengal.
I must also add that apart from all the praises he has won for 'Aami Aadu' and 'Aarohan', he has won the Big Bangla Movie Award Best Debutant - Male - for his first release, 'Saathi Aamaar Bondhu Aamaar' (the Southie remake, that had also starred Shinjini, the hard-on-luck contestant from a controversial dance-based reality show).
Samadarshi has oodles of talent; all he needs is just luck, to bag the right projects.
I wish him the VERY BEST!

Joy said...

As Surjyo, he might not have dazzled for all practical purposes (as the film tanked and have only resurfaced of late in the video circuit), but this guy, Samadarshi, should undoubtedly shine brightly after his performances in Aami Aadu and Aarohan. Will be looking forward too Mukti and Bhooter Bhabisyat which are about to release.

Arunima said...

Good to know about the promising young actor.Also heartening to know that Bangla cinema is going places these days with fresh talents and interesting projects!From your post it looks like he is really passionate about acting and is game to good projects in any language..I just hope that in that quest Bangla cinema doesnt lose an such intelligent actor!

abhishek said...

Would have loved to know more about Samadarshi's views regarding today's Bangla cinema, as on one side there is a boom in ticket sales as well as production values, there's a marked decline in quality..... originality is almost on the wane.
I would look forward to more observations from you on regional cinema, as well as Bollywood, in the near future, Ani.

Deep said...

A nice one. Was glad to learn about his first film from today's Times of India - Calcutta Times - glad that it'll be releasing soon. At last! Will definitely catch it.

Vishesh said...

Saw 'Ichchhe' (The Desire) and have become a fan of Samadarshi. He has given a fantastic, nuanced performance in the film. I wish him all the best for his forthcoming films. He seems to have a bright future.

Ronnit said...

Would definitely love to see more of this immensely talented young actor. No wonder, he has impressed the likes of Rituparno Ghosh (who has cast him as Rabindranath in his documentary) and several other eminent directors (who have waxed eloquent after having seen him in 'Ichchhe', the year's biggest Bengali hit).

Cherry Blossom said...

Samadarshi stands on a ground of his own, and that alone makes us hopeful about the future projects that he is going to be part of. He has made a mark for himself without apparently any godfather in the industry.

Swarnali Speak said...

First time I had seen him in his telly debut, "Kokhono Megh, Kokhono Brishti." Some dark shades were present in his character, but he had caught my attention!
Then, we made Orkut Friends & did some chit-chats..
After that, I saw him in 'Saathi Aamaar Bondhu Aamaar'..But, I must say that, the director didn't able to use him (read : his acting skill) properly..Later, I saw him as Suleman in 'Aami Aadu' (in which he paired with my classmate Debalina Chatterjee) and in 'Aarohan', opposite our very own Ritudi, he had caught my attention again..After watching these duo, i became his fan!
Then, i've seen his every films more-or-less! I became impressed by his acting in 'Ichchhe', 'Kidnapper', 'Bhooter Bhobisyat' & many more..
I have to say that, he is a damn good actor as well as he has a very innocent face (personality).
He must be a long-races-horse in our Tollywood Industry!
Wishing him All the Very Best!~

& Thank you so much, Anindo for posting this nice stuff!! :)