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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Garfield!

It's the official birthday of Garfield, the comic-strip cat! It is on this day, June 19, in the year 1978, that this famous fictional cat was 'born', i.e. he first appeared in print. In the eponymous comic-strip, by Jim Davis, he is portrayed as the lasagna-loving lazy cat, owned by Jon Arbuckle, an awkward clumsy geek.
I have already stated in my personal preference earlier that, for me, Garfield is the most favorite of all comic-strips. Hence, this fat, tabby cat with sharp (sometimes nasty) comments is really special for me.

Here's wishing Garfield a vERY hAPPY bIRTHDAY!
May he entertain us all for many, many, .....many years!


namit said...

This hip cat continues to endear and win hearts with its caustic tongue and acid thoughts, and his truly 'catty' attitude!
Long live Garfield!

mehul said...

Sometimes Garfield is too nasty with his comments, and some of his antics may make Jon go crazy (glad I am not in his shoes), yet Garfield rocks! He never misses to light me up. Even if I feel grumpy on a Sunday morning, the moment I go through the Garfield's strip in my Sunday newspaper, I chuckle, and even - at times - laugh out loud.

diya said...

Cool! Garfield-the-cat and Andrew Garfield, who plays Spidey now, are both my favorites!;-)