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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tintin - a Spielberg-Jackson spectacle!

Tintin has finally landed on the silver-screen and has conquered!!!
I saw the film on Children's Day (November 14th). 
I wasn't supposed to go for the movie that day. But my appointment got cancelled and it so happened that I had to kill time for two hours or so. Hence, I turned up at the South City mall multiplex, Fame, and was lucky to grab the only remaining ticket for the show (the display board was showing Houseful though!), and eventually, the technically resplendent Spielberg-Jackson spectacle hit me!

But there is also a side-story, which I am about to tell.

Let me confess, that very day, I wasn't in a mood for a movie exactly.
Yet I warmed up within minutes, as I grappled with the 3D glasses and found myself next to a kid from class seven who had turned up for the movie all by himself. I hesitated for a while to strike up a conversation with the boy, considering the possible inappropriateness of chatting up, being a rank stranger to him. But he warmed up too easily. I found out that he was from the same school where I had studied. And, like me, he too was a Tintin fan (who isn't?).
The two of us had a whale of a time, marveling at the action-packed, slick escapade that unfolded on screen. We even compared our observations on the theme of comic book versus movie adaptation, and tried to be neutral in our appraisal of the film we were watching. As expected, he - being a today's kid - was a lot more aware of stuff, even the technicalities of the filming process, than I was at his age. Yet, I was happy to note that he retained his basic innocence and was a lovely kid to befriend, my earnest regard for his parents. He talked about his hobbies, school, teachers, and such things, in the intermission.

Actually, we grew quite impatient with the intermission stretching on and on, on top of being inserted at the oddest of moment, in the midst of a delightful action-sequence.

The film ended, we went our ways, saying polite goodbyes. Yet the memory lingers on....... as it felt for a while that I met my own self, my own childhood, in the confines of the theater; my eyes were covered by the 3D glasses; a colorful world emanated, and the added dimension of simple escapist delight filled my senses.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Good and Bad.....

There's no good or bad in this world;
it's the thinking that makes it so.
What people call SUFFOCATION in a local train
becomes ATMOSPHERE at a night club!
A child, on a farm, sees a plane fly overhead & dreams of flying -
but the pilot, on the plane, sees the farmhouse & dreams of returning home.
That's life!