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Friday, December 22, 2017

Scripts... screenplays

One of the major highlights of the day has been devouring the script of 'Kill Your Darlings'
(story by Austin Bunn; screenplay by John Krokidas and Austin Bunn; based on a true story)
- it's fabulous!

I know, many of our actors don't like reading scripts, they prefer to have them narrated (by the directors or the screenplay writers). However, I love reading film-scripts. I find them so very exciting! Be they detailed or skeletal, rough drafts or the ones readied for the shoot, I love them all. Whether the scripts are of films I have watched or yet to watch, they always leave plenty to be crystallized in my mind's eye when I'm reading them. That's what fascinates me most.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Victoria and Abdul

There are some films which one is biased to.... to which one surrenders completely, to let oneself be charmed, in which one invests emotionally as the images unfurl on screen. Such a film may attract a lot of flak, a lot of genuine criticism, yet it works for one. 'Judwaa 2' might be such a film for most of you.... while, for me, it is 'Victoria and Abdul'.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Where Was I? Where Will I Be?

What had I been doing online when I had not been blogging? You ask.
The answer is.... most of the time I would be on Facebook. In fact, in the last couple of years or so I had become a lot more active on that platform. The three tabs that would mostly be open when I came online were Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Chatting online never quite appealed to me, ever. I guess I have never quite tasted its potential, as well as that of social media in general, for networking. So there.
On Facebook, I have been posting quite regularly, instead of doing it here, on my blog. Just remember, some posts are for everyone and some are for no one in particular, but some posts are just for yourself. While a few rare ones might be for a special person. Facebook suited me fine. So did Twitter, even better so... retweeting others mean one gets to speak through others voices, who might be going through similar journeys, expressing what one might have chosen to express, only doing it better. And I had this link between Facebook and Twitter whereby the content on the latter automatically got posted on the former. It suited me just fine.
However, Facebook has become quite a downmarket platform lately. All my good contacts, my efriends, who I shared vibes with and who used to be prolific in terms of their output, have either quit Facebook or have become non-functional on that platform. I feel like an old haggard there... perpetually attracting the wrong sorts, the whole gamut of them who can hardly meet my parameters of 'a good efriend'. There remain just a handful of the good old companions. One of them echoes my thoughts when he says, hearing my woes, "I am not the abandoning sort. I cling to old things. In fact, I take time to adopt a new thing." I find it so reassuring. For me, it's as good as a virtual hug. Would have otherwise thought I am the only one of my kind.... hahaha.
I am still avoiding being on WhatsApp which has become immensely popular now, as have other new apps. Many have been vouching for WhatsApp as, there, one can create a group of like-minded people only. I tell myself that I'd grab new social media apps and get rocking on them once I grab a new phone. But, honestly, I'm even averse to giving up on my old phone.
All my life, my resistance to change has led to all kinds of serious conflicts as well. Yet, I am what I am.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Just napping

People have been asking me why I'm continuing my silence for so long here on the blog space. Well, the answer is a bit too complex to explain to all. Like most other things in my life, rather my life itself, choosing not to express out in the open stems from a complex situation, call it my complex if that simplifies things for your comprehension.
Lately, I have been napping a lot. No, I haven't been caught napping when I shouldn't have, but again I have been pretty much lucky in not getting caught for many of the awkward things I could've been held guilty of pursuing. Coming back to napping, it's nothing but a harmless respite. It helps transport me to rich domains of half-dream half-reverie within minutes. My anxiety fails to take a nap though, for all practical reasons, the naps do not last long after all, though they are intermittent. Being able to nap with ease ironically is something that supposedly happens to people like me who've been insomniacs almost all their lives, so it is said by experts.
So, I guess I'll return to blogging, seriously and actively, when my anxiety too takes a happy nap, all you people - my fellow bloggers - do enjoy having nice, productive blogging days.
See you soon, hopefully.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Them ego-trippers

Sorry to say, but these days, I find it utterly painful to look at creative individuals who can contribute so much by their art/craft are simply busy being too full of themselves, indulging in absolute nonsense on social media.
All they are busy doing is going yak-yak-yakking over trivial stuff, unloading on us their opinions and comments that they had rather put a lid on.
The results are preposterous as well. Their creations, which they could have excelled at, become nothing but boring exercises in self-indulgence.
These pompous folks are over-eager to beat their own drums, when they aren't busy running down someone else for the sake of drawing attention to themselves. And, yes, sometimes they form a mutual backslapping brigade as well, with others who are more than happy in returning the favors. It's their natural right to act holy and hoity toity at the same time - so they believe. It's time we tell them to excuse us... we aren't buying what you preach.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Not talking the talk

It's been a thing with me... NOT talking the talk. People keep asking me why I don't speak out, when I should.... or why I don't make the right kind of noise.
Well, first, noise puts me off somehow. But, actually, it is more of a reticence to talk about the things that disturb me, depress me or disgust me. I even detest my inability to speak up, I do. To be honest, I hate when I feel the urge to talk about something that bothers me but I feel like I've already talked about it too much in the private... so I just hold it in.

Friday, May 19, 2017

I Am Groot

Asked to pick the best lines from 'Guardians of the Galaxy', I'd pick "I am Groot"...
closely followed by "I am Groot"...
and "I am Groot".

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May the truth set me free

Truth matters. Always. Sometimes it sets us free. Sometimes it just shatters us. Yet it needn't ever be replaced by an easy half-truth.