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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Them ego-trippers

Sorry to say, but these days, I find it utterly painful to look at creative individuals who can contribute so much by their art/craft are simply busy being too full of themselves, indulging in absolute nonsense on social media.
All they are busy doing is going yak-yak-yakking over trivial stuff, unloading on us their opinions and comments that they had rather put a lid on.
The results are preposterous as well. Their creations, which they could have excelled at, become nothing but boring exercises in self-indulgence.
These pompous folks are over-eager to beat their own drums, when they aren't busy running down someone else for the sake of drawing attention to themselves. And, yes, sometimes they form a mutual backslapping brigade as well, with others who are more than happy in returning the favors. It's their natural right to act holy and hoity toity at the same time - so they believe. It's time we tell them to excuse us... we aren't buying what you preach.

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