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Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dear Aamir!

Dear Aamir.......
This is an open letter to you.
Nothing too personal.
It's some thoughts that I want to share with all.
All of us have dreams. And many of us try to eke out a living by pursuing our dreams, and even selling dreams to millions. A few are successful in pursuing those dreams. But a fewer still are successful in selling dreams that millions don't just hold on to as ideals but also believe in the possibility of their fruition no matter how impossible that may be, judging by the parameters of reality.
You have not just successfully spun dreams on the celluloid for years, but have been a true inspiration for several more than the blind followers of a hero's antics on the big screen choosing to stay mesmerized within the darkened theaters where unreal is real all in the name of entertainment..... you have helped people sit up and take note of the hardcore realities, of the unsavory truths, and have made people genuinely charged up and energized to contribute towards positive changes in the society. You have helped people break barriers, overcome limitations and inhibitions, and continue to do so as the second season of your reality show Satyamev Jayate continues its glorious run on television.
I can't help but shun my acerbic apprehensions regarding tv-philanthropy and feel all zesty and optimistic.
May your goodness rub off on us, and may our society be blessed with more of your kind.
Here's wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!

a collage of film-stills

the many moods


an early photo-shoot

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The best feeling

I know, it may sound cliched.......
I know, it would not mean much to the world that does not understand the significance of what lies in between the words, what it really feels.......
yet, I have to admit, to that 'special person' as much as to myself, that it feels the best, the very best, when I look at that person and, wonder of wonders, I see a smile so genuine, a smile that can be credited to my presence, my being in that person's life, an affirmation that's unique.