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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Post with a Difference

A lot happened this week, a lot of stuff that I usually do not write about but am penning, I mean typing, at the request of a dear friend who complains that I do not write about the goings on in my life. Well, for one, I do not like blabbering about things that are too mundane. Again, I do not even warm up to the idea of writing things which are likely to have a high shock value for my readers, but which truly happen to be the parcel of my life. Anything in between those two extremes hardly happens.
Another friend of mine, after all the years that we have been friends, complains that he does not approve of me sharing what I call 'cool' stuff via messages as they are un-original despite my claims that they reflect my thoughts and moods. I have given up on the explanations, but I fear I'll be desisting from messaging him randomly in the future. He seems to have outgrown frequent messaging. But let him be.
A significant development on the other hand has been by renewing ties with an old friend, who had severed all ties a couple of years back quite unceremoniously and was later presumed dead. It is he who has said something profound: Time moves on and we later regret... for words not said, for love not shown. Life's too short. So, do what makes you happy!
He also adds: Sometimes, I dream of things which are too good to be true. Then, I wake up....and my heart breaks. I realize that it was just a dream. It makes me cry." His words made me emotional, made me wish to reach out to him and help him deal with his insecurities. Yet, I feel so helpless, so incompetent to do the things that I should have done. I can hardly help myself at times, so the idea of helping someone else in that way seems like a luxury.
Yet another friend of mine, someone who is more like a younger brother, had something important to tell, and I share his words with the world, as I feel they make much sense even when one reads them irrespective of the context in which they were uttered, they could well be a borrowed words, but that hardly matters. He says: If some untold truth is the reason behind our unknown pain, then the weird part is, we don't know we'll be happy or sad once we know them.... when we question ourselves in vain, we need to know that some questions better remain unanswered; while sometimes we can't find answers, the truth is that sometimes we even don't want to.
Oh, this week, I also caught the new movie by Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee) - 'Tasher Desh' (House of Cards) - an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore's famous musical! Interestingly, post-screening, I befriended a nice young guy who hails not from Kolkata, and was leaving the city the very next day. We chatted about the film and more. I had loved the film (both of us did). My preparedness (was prepared to be shocked, stunned, stimulated) resulted in feeling rewarded, on the whole. What I liked best about the film was its original vision, the international feel, that had a lot to do with the script having eschewed much, just as it has incorporated much more. Q, according to me, has still managed to retain the core essence of the Tagore musical, not a mean feat, eh?
Tasher Desh


Cherry Blossom said...

Much impressed with the new film from Q. It's a fresh, radical adaptation, and hence would love to hear more from the bloggers about the movie.

Deep said...

Simple reaction: f a n t a s t i c!

It is an experience that is required to be had by all and sundry.

Thoroughly recommended.

Arpita said...

On Tasher Desh: The film is likely to irk some people, it's supposed to ruffle some feathers.... but at the same time it is also expected to inspire a whole new generation, a whole new set of viewers, and if that happens, it would be its biggest achievement.

Joy said...

The post tastes different indeed...... but 'Tasher Desh' deserves a meatier post, a solid review!
The film is quite a revolution, it is liberating for not only Bangla cinema, but for Indian cinema too.

Imran said...

The post: interesting......

The film: super-interesting!

Neeraj said...

This 'Post with a Difference' includes a film with a difference - 'Tasher Desh' - which is much more than just a different kind of adaptation; Q's film captures the essence of Tagore's musical/dance-drama yet radically weaves around the creator's own agenda of sexual liberation.

Sunny said...

TASHER DESH is a trippy adaptation, and is thus not for all viewers. That's one way to look at the fact that the film limits the potential of the original text or creation. However, the film also makes an effort to reach out to some of the marginal and non-mainstream sections across continents and may in fact be awarded the status of a pathbreaker. Q - as always - has challenged us, stimulated us.