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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unbelievable? Maybe Not

My instant reaction, after reading that Robert Pattinson has been battling loneliness, that he has been finding it difficult to grapple with a break-up which was a lot more than a special relationship, that he is crying out for help, was: 
How could it be true
After all, he is virtually one of the most sought after guys, isn't he? 
His smouldering good looks are too die for, no? 
He should have been the last person on earth to be lamenting for companionship..... 
But, on second thoughts...... maybe that's not so unreal after all, they too are humans, these demigod-looking idols, aren't they? They are entitled to be feel vulnerable, maybe more reasons than others, they too can cry nursing a broken heart, can't they? There's nothing worse than a relationship that rots, the smells reach far and wide, and, professionally, that can well mean going through hell...... it's strange even to attempt a return to so-called normalcy, once the balloon of fame has been blown so large. 
A few simple words that I would like to add, based on my personal experience, words that may be heeded to by those who are recuperating after a break-up, after the end of a relationship does not lead naturally to a closure, and feeling liberated seems so illusory, no matter what a brave front one might put up for the world..... What's over is over! So, just get BETTER, NOT BITTER!


Akshay G. said...


inder said...

Nice one!
You do have a point, SAKAGAZE....
We tend to oversimplify and assert that these celebs are such fake people, fake about their feelings....! But, honestly, who are we to judge? They too hurt, they too bleed, they too feel the pain, and get super-sensitive (sometimes, a lot more than we do) in a child-like manner. I remember how I felt incensed when the tabloids kept joking about Daniel Radcliffe's confessions, or that of Justin Bieber (he is the favorite beating board).
Didn't our making a laughing a stock of Michael Jackson's vulnerability drive him almost insane? I wonder, seriously!

jeet said...

Often the tabloids project Rob as a wimp, which I think is a blatant misrepresentation. He may be emotional, like most are supposed to be, but he is definitely level-headed, at least that's my impression. I would like to see him in all kinds of films in the near future and fans of Edward-Bella should also look forward to the same, helping to shake off the Twilight baggage from their favorite stars.