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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Just napping

People have been asking me why I'm continuing my silence for so long here on the blog space. Well, the answer is a bit too complex to explain to all. Like most other things in my life, rather my life itself, choosing not to express out in the open stems from a complex situation, call it my complex if that simplifies things for your comprehension.
Lately, I have been napping a lot. No, I haven't been caught napping when I shouldn't have, but again I have been pretty much lucky in not getting caught for many of the awkward things I could've been held guilty of pursuing. Coming back to napping, it's nothing but a harmless respite. It helps transport me to rich domains of half-dream half-reverie within minutes. My anxiety fails to take a nap though, for all practical reasons, the naps do not last long after all, though they are intermittent. Being able to nap with ease ironically is something that supposedly happens to people like me who've been insomniacs almost all their lives, so it is said by experts.
So, I guess I'll return to blogging, seriously and actively, when my anxiety too takes a happy nap, all you people - my fellow bloggers - do enjoy having nice, productive blogging days.
See you soon, hopefully.
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pic courtesy: 'Dil Dhadakne Do'

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