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Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Rio' - a riot of colors, a feast for all!

'Rio' (directed by Carlos Saldanha, produced by Blue Sky Studios & Twentieth Century Fox Animation) is the latest family animation flick that has hit the screens here in Kolkata, and has won the hearts of young and old alike. 
It has been wooing audiences all over the world; naturally, as the film is a real treat, a feast for the eyes and the ears, and a feast for all.

Watching it in theater, in 3D, is so much fun. One should not miss this experience first-hand. Even the skeptical and the cynical ones won't escape the warmth of a film like this. Take it from me, 'Rio' is every bit enjoyable, and worth the price of the multiplex ticket. The colorful visuals are simply mind-blowing, and, though the original musical numbers may not be absolute classics by themselves, the music has an infectious energy that will positively have its grip on the audience. 3D animation can be experienced in all its splendor as one watches the computer generated animation that glows lavishly.
The best thing about the film is surely the wackiness that peppers the script. Making the dialogues resonate in more ways than one for the diverse range of viewers is something that's been continually experimented with in animation features in recent times; here, the wit just sizzles perfectly. The birds and other animals and the human characters are equally charming and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. From the nerdy-friendly macaw named Blu (voiced flawlessly by Jesse Eisenberg), the wide range of other feathered beings whom he gets to meet (voiced by a stellar ensemble that includes Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Jermaine Clement, George Lopez, Will i Am), plus the bulldog Luiz (voiced by Tracy Morgan) to sweet Linda (Blu's companion, voiced by Leslie Mann) and Tulio (the ornithologist voiced by Rodrigo Santoro) - the characters enthrall us for the running time of ninety-six minutes.
No wonder, I found the kids with rolling with laughter, the adults chuckling gleefully, and the youthful romantics swaying to beats of Samba and tapping their feet as the Carnaval unfolded on screen. And my personal 'favorite' connect: the use of the Lionel Richie song 'Say you, say me' and the glib comment thereafter, "Lionel Richie, always works!"


pallavi said...

Can't agree more. This one's a real winner. The animation is simply superb and the feel-good magic works for the whole family, hence it's a great family watch. Perfect for celebrating the summer weekend at the movies, with a cola and snacks.

aryan rocks said...

Nice movie. And nice to see that you have once again gone ga-ga over an animated film after 'Bolt' and 'Tangled'.

Joy said...

'Rio' hits the right notes, especially in terms of the characterization, zany pace, fantastic visuals and the exotic Brazilian score. The voice-cast was exceptionally brilliant. Jesse Eisenberg & Anne Hathaway make Blu & Jewel a cool screen couple, so what if they are just macaw birds!
Ha-ha-ha..... this film has already been declared a major hit. Who cares if the storyline seems a tad incredulous and the exotic bits are a bit stretched, this one simply rocks!

namit said...

'Rio' rocks!
I loved the film, more than the last 'Ice Age' film (however the wee 'Ice Age' featurette shown prior to the screening of 'Rio' was quite cool).

Jesse Eisenberg suited the role of the nervous and edgy Blu perfectly.

Imran said...

'Rio' is a rocking fun ride! Loved this film, buddy. Thanks, for reviewing it.

Akshay G. said...

The fabulous visuals, catchy music, and an exceptionally talented ensemble cast makes this animated movie a favorite of mine. Though the film was hailed for being eco-sensitive, it sadly did not fetch Oscar blessing and was only nominated in the original song category. I am pleased to learn that soon there might be a sequel to this film, possibly to release in 2014, with Bruno Mars, Andy Garcia and many others joining the original cast members.