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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Difficult Times

'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.'
-Oscar Wilde
These are indeed the difficult times. The age of confusion - as it is commonly referred to - has its crises of a unique nature, crises of identity that stems from what we want and what we achieve, who we want to be and what we happen to be. We all have our own individuality screaming for more - a greater share of the pie of life, love and lofty grabs. But, at the end of the day, we all happen to be so lonesome, isolated and bitter. We crave for love, yet we are just sucked up in our eternal state of longing. Selfish priorities destroy our humane selves. Narrow pursuits leave us hollow from the inside. We do not let our pride get hurt, but, on the contrary, we often have to make silly compromises. We choose to survive. We fail to live life. We give in to demands of the times, we deny our inner compulsions. We cheat our souls, we disregard the spirit, we choose not to listen to the voice that yells 'Stop!' - we think that it is too messed up all around and our standing to ponder, and to pick up the broken pieces, can hardly make a difference. But we are wrong.

Every age has its distinct dampeners, punishing odds, ominous threats and strange insecurities. But every age has the people who make a difference. Who gain their foothold in history by choosing to struggle, going against the grain. They are the dreamers, the ones who dream big; they dream not only for themselves but for others around them, sometimes even for the forthcoming generations. They are known for their focus, and for their determination to see their dreams turn into reality. They dare to look up and ahead. They know that the sky is the limit. One has to look not just at the stars, but even beyond that imaginable realm of unknown where possibilities are limitless. We become who we choose to be, and the choice is not expected to be that narrow as it is for most of us who find their choices limited by opportunities, by destiny and by chance. The gutter of life is unkind. In fact, it is ruthless, it does not hesitate to engulf us if we hesitate to act for good. None would be spared by this tough taskmaster called Life if the lapses aren't amended in time. Remembering the words of Oscar Wilde, and also his visionary spirit, I humbly throw the light of introspection on myself.

After all,
Dream makes all things possible,

Hope makes all things work,

Love makes all things beautiful,

So let us wish for all the above.


abhishek said...

Hi! Quite an incisive blogpost. I am sure that the general references would make a lot of sense to many. But, I would have personally preferred if you had included in your write-up the specifics too. You do have plenty to talk about on the personal front too, don't you? It is that which drives us to write, essentially. Anyways, buckle up.

arpita_loves2chat said...

Wonderful write-up on the trying times that we are all living in!