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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Henry in 'The Tudors'

Henry Cavill plays Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, in 'The Tudors'
Seen as a playboy in the First Season, his character becomes meatier.
Must admit, that I warmed up to the series because of him. 
Yes, watched 'The Tudors' because of Henry Cavill! 
And was absolutely thrilled.
It is one of the best in the period series, costume drama genre.
Needless to say, it is absolutely fabulous.
However, I had been initially apprehensive of the series and did not get too excited because the history of the period, the reign of King Henry VIII having been the subject of many a tale already and I did not think that the lurid excesses, some of it fictionalized, and colored by contemporary biases, would please me much.
But as soon as I got know of Henry Cavill's inclusion in the cast, I became curious. 
I watched it from the beginning, with renewed zest, and felt rewarded eventually.
The series boasts of a terrific ensemble cast, led by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


Krishh said...

Here's wishing Henry Cavill a belated Happy Birthday (5th May it was)!

inder said...

Watching the reruns on telly now..... please, please, please tell me more about the series!

pallavi said...

The steamy period drama (The Tudors) had indeed become steamier with the inclusion of Henry Cavill in the cast. He is so groooooooooovy...... OMG!
I remember feeling betrayed after having watched Cavill in a smallish supporting role in the film 'Tristan and Isolde' (the 'epic romance' that starred James Franco and Sophia Myles), where his character even gets wickedly stabbed. I geared up to watch 'The Tudors' but with the apprehension that his character might be off reckoning (knowing nothing about the true history!). Incidentally, it is Cavill's portrayal in 'The Tudors' that got him worldwide recognition in a really big way, I watched the series after he became the new Superman though. And I think the same kind of warming up has happened for many here in India.

abhishek said...

One of the most beautiful men, ever!