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Monday, May 26, 2014

Oh no!

Don't know about others, but when promotionals with our popular male icons scream 'ladkon_waali baat', the sexist bias just makes me cringe.

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Deep said...

I share your feelings, some such generalizations abound increasingly in the domain of films, television programmes and advertisements, as much - if not more - as in real life.

It is said that the commercials just replicate the popular sentiments, contemporary mindsets, all the behavioral tendencies that exist in reality, but I feel it's high time that we say 'No!' to disturbing generalizations that constitute discriminatory or sexist biases.

A recurring bias that I find abominable is that we, the males, are meant to be tough and hide our emotions, as if we are supposed to shake things off and move on, without being emotional. The result of such discriminatory assumptions is a large number of men turning into emotional wrecks, blaming it on themselves, consciously or unconsciously, for having gone against nature, disproving the apparent manliness, abusing the ultimate manhood adage - REAL MEN DON'T CRY!!!!!