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Monday, February 11, 2013

Raining offers for lovers

It's the month of February
and it's raining Valentine's Day offers everywhere!

I wish there were offers for renewals of vows
maybe that would prompt the on-the-verge-of-breakup couples
to renew their vows of togetherness......

I wish more and more men and women could be
cajoled to be more loving towards one another......

our world could do good with a little more loving,
we need to do away with the whole lot of hate and bitterness,
distrust and detestation that abounds.


Joy said...

Spread love,
spread the unique brand of feel-good-happiness that has been your hallmark, buddy!

Miimzo said...

Love is never easy. And loving someone selflessly has become such a rarity in this age and time. Love is now at best a commodity, being in love a status update, and the manifestations of love so very grotesquely exhibitionistic.
Yet it is better to love and lost than not having loved at all, as you had once said emphatically. Love ennobles, still. Love rains on the loveless and makes them live.
Thus, love is..... LIFE!

Sharmee said...

Loving is like playing the piano....
first, we must learn to play the notes, then we must play tunefully, but finally we must be unmindful of the grammar and play from the heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Spread love, spread the joy!

jeet said...

Missing somebody? Call!
Wanna meet up? Invite!
Wanna be understood? Explain!
Have questions? Ask!
Don't like something? Say so!
Like something? State!
Want something? Ask for it!
Love someone? Tell!
We have just ONE life......
why complicate unnecessarily?
Keep it simple!

Piyush said...

A cute love story:

If I ask u to jump will u?
bcoz i know u will catch my hand and pull me up
but if i don't?
i will die with the belief that u tried your best but couldn't save me!!!!!!!!!

I believe in LOVE like that, call me old-fashioned.

Neeraj said...

I wanna dedicate the following quote to today's lovers:
"Love has obstacles enough, they say:
Why add to them the obstacle of race?
Two backgrounds so diverse can't share one space.
Love can't keep the world's harsh truths at bay.
Ah, love! Let such trite wisdom go its way!
All life is difficult yet full of grace.
All men and women share the same small place.
Nor should we out of fear our love betray.
Love is to daily life a vein of gold
Running through the rock like liquid fire,
Making ordinary moments glow.
May we treasure it as we grow old:
The breath that does our dreary clay inspire,
The touch that transforms everything we know."