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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Zany, madcap comedies are the most difficult to make.
That explains why we have them so few and far between.
I have often been told by my non-Bengali friends that we are so hesitant to laugh at ourselves and that is why we have so few Bangla films that belong exclusively to the comedy genre. Well, it is a fact that we do not have as many successful comedies on the big screen to boast about, but the reasons behind which are more than the fingers on our hands. Recently, we have had some quality films that showcase our comedic sense and make one laugh with the nuanced representations. Soon, it will be time let our hair down with 'Damadol', an ensemble comedy that I am looking forward to.

In the ensemble cast are some much known faces, some much loved because of their work on television, while there are a few fresh faces as well. What encourages me most, as a viewer, is the fact that the makers these days are bouncing off fresh ideas, exploring new or less-frequently visited grounds, and the future of Bangla cinema is hopefully a lot brighter because of the same.

The plot thickens with an aspiring filmmaker Aditya trying to get financial help from PappuBhai, an underworld don with a love for cinema. Then there is Nikhil, the corporate guy wanting to get married but with the belief that he can never fall in love. There are situational complications affecting love and friendship. Ankita - an air-hostess, Ria- a young girl with strong moral values, and Tanya - the actress who is part of Aditya's film, are all dragged into this roller-coaster ride of mistaken identity and hilarious confusion.

The cast comprises Saswata Chatterjee, Samadarshi Dutta, Saheb Bhattacharya, Rajdeep Gupta, Shamaun Ahmed, Anindita, Priyanka, Gunjan, and Niharica Raizada. The film is directed by Manoj Michigan, and produced by Ajay Jhunjhunwala. The music has been composed by Gaurab Chatterjee. The cinematography has been done by Supriyo Dutta, and the film has been edited by Atish Dey Sarkar.


Miimzo said...

Looking forward to the flick, for sure.

inder said...

The cast-members seem to have had great fun - it shows;
the film must be funny too.

Siddhu said...

The poster and the buzz makes me curious...... need to check it out!

Sharmee said...

Promises to be a cool flick. The mood is upbeat. Excited, naturally.

diya said...

From the cast-members, Samadarshi and Saswata are my favorites. Recently, saw a film called 'Naamte Naamte' just because of Saswata; the film was a major letdown but Saswata's acting was above par.

abhishek said...

Comedy works. It does so quite easily as most viewers are on the lookout for some easy humor they can relate to. The spate of comedies churned out by Bollywood and even down South proves that. I hope 'Damadol' works, as much as, or even better than, some of the recent successes in the comedy genre.

Sunny said...

Came across this page straight from Facebook, good buzz on this upcoming film.....
Bengali films are having a good yield these days.
Hope this film will release a few subtitled prints as well, considering the many non-Bengali speaking viewers who have been turning up.

LoverBoy said...

Friendship flicks are hot-n-happening these days, and comedy spices up the fun manifold.

Anindo Sen said...

I am glad to receive so many comments on the film, even before its release.
I thank all who have taken interest in the write-up.

Here's the verdict on the film, now that it has seen the light of day:
Well, the movie had a fun concept, an interesting, workable idea. And it also had a primarily made-to-order ensemble cast. But, I am sorry to say, the film fails to impress me. It is unlikely to cut ice with even the non-critical masses. The comedy falls flat due to amateurish execution, the unease in making the situations come alive - the efforts being so pronounced and wasted - stares back at us. The comic timing is something that cannot be achieved unless one knows the rudimentary grammar of pulling it off on screen. After all, in a film it doesn't work in the same manner as it does on television or on the stage. I won't blame the members of the principal cast, as they are seemingly without the faintest idea about the scenes falling flat. Several films in the past have done badly in tackling the genre of comedy despite having ingredients in their favor, and this film joins their rank.