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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For all my virtual friends

Here is a  special post
for all my
virtual friends.

There have been many
who have told me that
e-friendship or virtual friendship
does not work.....
I disagree.
I believed in you
I believe in doing things
which people say I cannot do.
I am happy to have had fellow believers
in you, my e-friends!
Think you.....
Think me.....
Combine the two,
and lo.....
you get a warm hug,
a special embrace,
a jaadoo ki jhappi
(as MunnaBhai would say)
Happy loving,
my virtual friends,
know that
I love you all,
messages and mails
keep our friendship
and always will!


abhishek said...

Long live friendship..... real and virtual, and every other kind in between. Hahahaha......
It's true that we need friends, more than ever before.
We need to share our laughter, our sadness, our pain, our madness.....
even when we choose to do it with rank strangers online, we tend to grow fond of each other, over a period of time, we share and hence we care, and hence the basic tenets of virtual friendship are forged so easily.
Thanks, for this lovely post, Anindo!

Deep said...

Keep up the good work. Keep connecting for the sake of spreading good cheer, and for sharing good vibes.

jeet said...

Love and hugs to you, keep thriving & glowing, may God bless.

Neeraj said...

Impressed. Honored. :)

Arunima said...

Its true. Whether virtual or not is not the question. How sincere you are in all your relationships (including the virtual ones),is what makes it tick! In this day and time, when people sitting in the same room also may not be able to share and care for each other, even virtually if we can do that, it makes life less miserable!

Raghav said...

Thank you, for the special post, for the special acknowledgment, your little gestures go a long way in celebrating the bond of friendship. Keep up the good work, Anindo aka SAKAGAZE.