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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good old funda

New sayings, naah?
Newly packaged..... maybe.
It's some good old funda, but I find it cool, spelt kewl.

Earlier such stuff was considered to be street smart graffiti
and it caught on mainly among the urban youth and those who were clued in about the underground culture were only the ones who had a passion for the same.
But now such fundamentals are an integral part of the social networking revolution.
Kids can quote such wisecracking texts faster than they can quote contents from their curriculum.
There are cool quotes for every occasion, every season, every rhyme or reason.
They deal with romance, heartbreaks, disillusions, disappointments, and attitudinal dynamics.
I find many of these being frequented in Facebook,
people of all ages are found using them increasingly as status updates,
or they choose to privately share them with their friends, in communities,
and they tag their friends with the same.
Some of them seem hilarious, some plain stupid;
some compel me to comment, and some I just chuckle over or ruminate on.
Most of the times, I smile or laugh all by myself.
So, for a change, I am making my readers have their share of joy as well.
The words or the graphics do not have a mention of the origin or source, so I cannot oblige,
however, no copyright infringement has been intended.


abhishek said...

A cool post..... liked the sayings..... one of them is frequently used by me, hahaha.

mehul said...

FUDDU trolled...... LoL:)