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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Two Zero One Three

Once again a year has gone, 
a year has come. 
I wish all my readers 
a very happy new year. 
If Two Zero One Two, 
the year that has just gone past, 
did not bring joy, 
just leave it behind. 
I hope 
all of you begin this year 
in a fresh frame of mind. 
May the sorrows 
all be left behind. 
May you have 
only good things in mind. 
Let us forget 
the mistakes made, 
let the heartbreaks be 
a thing of the past 
and let the pain of heartaches 
just disappear. 
Get ready 
to make amends this year, 
and sincerely attempt 
to bring hope and cheer. 
May Two Zero One Three be a truly happy year. 
May contentment, abundance and peace be showered on earth.


raj said...

Happy New Year!!!! Looking forward to your posts in the new year. May they be even better than those so far. Keep surprising us, entertaining us. Stay safe, stay happy.

Piyush said...

Here's wishing you a very happy and COLORFUL new year...... happy movie-viewing in two zero one three!

saurabh said...

Tension na lena...... make it the mantra this year :) stay happy, stay contented.

Imran said...

Hoping for the best, in this new year. Wishes for you too, Sakagaze!

starry-eyed said...

I wish for a whole lot of interesting posts from you this year!
Stay safe, stay contented.
Keep musing; keep penning, nee keying.

jeet said...

I hope you come up with impressive posts in 2013 too. And, unlike me, may you never grow tired of blogging! :)

diya said...

Happy Y2K13 - Hungry for more posts!!!!

namit said...

One day passes, another begins.
One year passes, another begins.
Live life to the fullest, after all you live just once!