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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 Untimely Goodbyes

This is my tribute to the two stars who have had too sad & untimely demise this year.
This year has seen the biggest untimely demise, the passing away of Michael Jackson, the legend.
And while I, along with the whole world, still mourn for his demise, we are stunned by at least two other deaths - that of Stephen Gately, who passed away at the age of 33, in October,
and of Brittany Murphy, who died just the day before yesterday (Sunday, December 20), at the age of 32.
Both have had a body of work that endeared them to me, and millions like me.
Yet, both had a lot more to give.
One wishes that each of them had lived a full & creatively content life.
Here's saying a silent goodbye to them, as with a heavy heart I recall their work that I had been familiar to.
Brittany Murphy
[November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009]

I have been very fond of Brittany Murphy's portrayals
in films like 'Clueless', 'Girl, Interrupted', '8 Mile',
and 'Uptown Girls'.
I also remember seeing her in films like 'Don't Say a Word', 'Just Married', 'Little Black Book', 'Riding in Cars with Boys' and 'Just Married'.
She has been known for her singing too, apart from her wonderful roles in films.
I had last heard her as the voice of the sweet as well as fetching penguin, Gloria, in one of my most favorite animation films of all time, 'Happy Feet'.

Stephen Gately
[17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009]

Stephen Gately, the Irish singer, shot to fame after becoming part of the pop-group Boyzone. He was one of the lead singers of the boy-band, the other being Ronan Keating. As Boyzone became a rage across the globe in the Nineties, Stephen's fan following just soared unbelievably. He released a successful solo album in 2000, after the group's initial breakup, which charted in the UK top ten and yielded three UK hit singles, including the top three hit "New Beginning". Gately went on to appear variously in successful stage productions and on television programmes as well as contributing further tracks to various projects. In 2008, he rejoined his colleagues as Boyzone reformed for a series of concerts and recordings.
Gately made his sexuality known in 1999 and later had the same-sex marriage with Andrew Cowles. Upon Boyzone's reformation, Gately featured as part of the first gay couple in a boyband's music video in what was to be his last music video with the band, for the song "Better".
My favorite song of Stephen's is "I believe" that featured in the soundtrack of the film 'Billy Elliott'. His vocals in the Boyzone numbers like "Key to my life", "A different beat" and "No matter what" will keep ringing in my ears, and I am sure millions of music-lovers would agree, forever.
[Intentionally, I have omitted the details regarding the circumstances and actual reported facts regarding the aforementioned deaths. First, because this is just a personal tribute post, and also because the reports keep changing with investigation and/or fresh findings.]


saurabh said...

It is really so saddening that some of the creative individuals in Hollywood die so young, either being unable to cope with fame or ignominy. Their lifestyles speak of the imbalances that they have to bear with; the expectations & the insecurities multiplying all the while.
I haven't seen Brittany in many of her dramatic roles, but the comedic roles she did full justice to. Stephen Gatley, who died a couple of months back, was struggling hard to make a comeback, as far as I know. Boyzone's songs were truly cool, and Stephen Gately's popularity matched that of the band too.

Satyaki said...

Brittany Murphy had a vulnerable, broken look that haunted me, always. I consider '8 Mile' to be her best film. Maybe because I am partial to that film itself. It is indeed uncanny, Ani, the very day that we were chatting about that film and Brittany's performance, she had supposedly passed away!
May her soul rest in peace.
Herein I say a silent prayer for Stephen Gately too.

mehul said...

I still can't believe that Brittany Murphy is gone! She had been sick for quite some time, and several medical prescriptions found after her death are raising serious questions regarding her medical condition not having been taken care of properly.
On the other hand, Stephen Gately who died on October 10 at his Majorcan holiday home, was repoted to have taken home, along with Cowles, a Bulgarian man, after meeting him in a gay nightclub, in Palma. Post-mortem tests found Gately died of natural causes, but there are many unanswered questions which are best left out.
On retrospect, it amuses me to remember how young girls used to be crazy about Gately in his Boyzone days, after his 'coming out', those girls must have had quite a shock. It's such a funny world, the world of showbiz!
On a positive note, I am glad to learn that Ronan Keating is completing the children's novel that had been his ex-Boyzone mate's brainchild. I am also delighted that Gately has topped Google UK's Trend List. Death makes some people more famous. At least till another untimely GOODBYE is said.

pallavi said...

Some people have totally f***ed up lives. And this regardless of their celebrity status. People who die young are all not necessarily missed or remembered to a greater extent, but people who leave their creative footprints, in whatever manner, are surely going to be missed the most, ALWAYS!

Dibyendu Paul said...

The News Was really Sadening to me as such ...Even I still cant believe it ... Some ppl pass away like making no sound nt bidding goodbye this one is like that too ...

She will always be treasured by her creative footsteps till date...

sakagaze's laziest student said...

i am shocked that brittany murphy died! kinda fantasized her for a long time in my sleep!

asmita said...

I still can't believe them and get myself to accept it. I grew up during my school days listening to Boyzone (whom I preferred over Backstreet Boys) and totally bowled over by Stephen Gately. I used to play the drums for my school band and the first performance was the song "Different Beat". Can never forget that!

raj said...

Brittany Murphy's death was a real shocker for me!
Can't believe that she is gone....

On the other hand, I had not been much aware of Stephen Gately's recent work as I had outgrown Boyzone even before the boys disbanded.

Saahil said...

Both were my favorites. I miss them. But I revert to their songs/films and they shall always have a special place in my heart.