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Thursday, December 31, 2009

AAL IZZ very much Well with '3 Idiots'!

'3 Idiots' rocks!

I loved '3 Idiots',
but more than that, I felt after reading the t2 review (with The Telegraph) of the movie that
the reviewer (Pratim D. Gupta) and I had watched two parallel films!
It was a delight to laugh and cry with a theater full of paying public,
who whistled in joy, and uttered loud cheers, not on account of star gazing,
or as a sign of boosting of some star worshipper's ego,
but for their involvement with the protagonists,
thanks to brilliantly conceived scenes, and the smart dialogues.
The Chetan Bhagat novel - to be very honest - didn't have anything filmable as per the staid Bollywood norms.
But Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani has executed the idea in an almost unrecognisable format with much of the filmy Bollywood conventions thrown in, but retaining much of the crisp of the essence the tale's essence.
The movie, infested with some of the finest performances ever, was a pure delight for me!

And finally, let me assert that I am publishing this post not to publicize the movie '3 Idiots' (it has already become a phenomenal success, and is playing in theaters all over) but to state how biased some of our reviewers are and they go ahead with opinionated trash instead of proper critical appraisals, and yet are proved wrong by the paying public! Had t2 published my original critique of the review I would not have bothered to post this. Let me thank my dear friends who convinced me to go ahead with this post, as they felt agitated by the 'Aal izz not well' & 'bhashanbaazi', 'gyaan' tags that tainted the review page of the publication mentioned earlier as it carried the disgustingly biased take on the film for reasons best known to the reviewer in question.

Right now, Aamir Khan and other members of the 3 Idiots team are RIGHT NOW in Kolkata, and there cannot be a greater cause for celebration for us Kolkatans as we usher in the new year after just a few more hours, hopeful for as engaging and better films in the years to come. Thank you, Aamir Khan, thank you for being at the helm of such adorable 'idiocy'! We love you!


Piyush said...

Thanks, for the timely rejoinder, Anindo.
The stars are known to have inflated egos since stardom came to exist on planet earth, but these days it is a worse phenomenon that we are witnessing all around and that is the critics and reviewers having inflated egos, and often having ego clashes with creative individuals. This is seriously damaging as a trend, as apart from damaging a creative person's credibility by writing scathing accounts, often bordering on personal attacks, when they review that person's work.
This keeps growing bigger and bigger as a malady. And it is indeed worrisome. A certain reviewer who does it time and again, makes his slant/skew/bias known to all; it is as clear as daylight, my friend.
There are instances of periodicals that have run ugly tirades over long stretches and yet they are the ones who have had to eat their words, and even revise their stance as the winds change directions. Time flies, and readers too forget the diabolical attempts. But, today, it is absolutely impossible to override the sentiments of the majority. The astounding success of the movie '3 Idiots' is like a tight slap on the face of the said detractor(s).
Keep up the good work, my friend.
And I too would like to thank Aamir Khan and the '3 Idiots' team to have chosen Kolkata, my city, to party on the new year's eve. I was there at South City to witness with my own eyes the frenzy when Aamir dropped by. I also happened to witness the excitement among my friends who have seen the movie 3-4 times already, and even in the late night shows the multiplexes have been brimming over with excitement... and it's just for an out-and-out entertainer like '3 Idiots' that comes once in a while, that touches our heart and soul.
May AAL be WELL for all in the year 2010 (so what, if it is JUST a big fat wish!)...
Happy New Year!

Siddhu said...

It is wonderful to see that the film '3 Idiots' has smashed so many records.... be it the best paid-preview response till date, best opening, best first weekend.... the list just goes on!
Needless to say that I loved the film. I enjoyed it more because there couldn't be a better Christmas release than this. It is absolutely heart-warming though simple, it is every bit the delightful film that one could have asked for. If I have to compare with Rajkumar Hirani's ' Lage Raho Munnabhai', I would have to say that I loved this one even more.

abhishek said...

The spirit of the film follows the spirit of the book (Five Point Someone) and thankfully it takes off from that plane to a whole new dimension of mainstream entertainment, the Raju Hirani way (the stamp of the same has been well established in the two Munnabhai films that he has given us before 3 IDIOTS) and hence the film has become such a sure-fire hit, it is NOT AT ALL PREACHY.... Mr Pratim Gupta must have really watched some other film to have thought so! In fact, Raju Hirani has himself said how very much masala type his films turn out to be and he consciously avoids the preachy tones in all his films. Audiences do not flock to the thaeters to have a holier than thou sermonising from the makers, gone are the days of the humongous, arty-tarty, pretentious bores that tried to drive the message down the audience's throats. 3 IDIOTS does not take itself too seriously -
as in self-conscious degrees - and, hence, it has succeeded like it has.
Three cheers for THREE IDIOTS!

Rohan said...

The new development of Chetan Bhagat getting hypersensitive about his name not being mentioned in the opening credits (it is only mentioned in the closing credits) has in a way added insult to injury for pRATIM d. gUPTA'S controversial take on the film. That reviewer had clearly pointed out how dissimilar the film was to the Chetan Bhagat book!!!!!!

Anirban Halder said...

Thanks for speaking your mind and publishing your view, buddy. Media should start thinking taking the audience a little more seriously and stop trying to influence it in a manner uncalled for.

Arunima said...

After reading your post, I actually searched on-line to take a look at the review by Pritam D Gupta. Well, though of course he is entitled to his views, but strangely i think he has missed some of the important points. The point that "Five Point Someone" has only set the background of the movie..it is foolish to compare the book with the movie. Like any entertaining movie, yes the main protagonist's character is 'larger than life', but isn’t that true for all/most entertainers! And what an entertainer '3 Idiots' is! It keeps you wanting more even after the movie is over! And yes, when people like us, people who struggle through the days in mad rush, make time for a movie and come out of the theatre with a smile on our faces, the movie has surely struck a chord somewhere..irrespective of mindless, pseudo intellectual criticism

asmita said...

I love the film. Loved the book as well. Was just in college and happier than ever to find someone who wrote in a lingo like we used daily.
So to compare them is unfair to both of them. Chetan Bhagat should chill and the film makers should get out of denial.

arun said...

First it was Aamir Khan's turn to show up in disguise at Sourav Ganguly's place to promote the movie '3 Idiots', and then he regaled all Kolkatans by coming with his '3 Idiots' teammates on the 31st of December. It was a special honor for Kolkatans. '3 Idiots' has become a massive blockbuster and the detractors (only a few skeptical & egoistic spoilsports) have not been able to spoil the fun, people are queuing in hordes in front of the ticket counters - be it at multiplexes (like Fame, Inox) or single screen theaters (like Navina) to watch it over and over again.
As far as Chetan Bhagat's histrionics are concerned, it is now a dead issue after he publicly retracted his harsh stance, I would like to say that he perhaps felt slighted when he feared being left out from the success kudos. It was surely a case of unfounded fears. Because his book FIVE POINT SOMEONE wasn't a mean success, and none can take it away from the author (not that anyone intended to either!). Chetan Bhagat is self confessedly 'a huge movies person' - though he mentions how he favors the minimalist treatment in cinema. His favorite film is reportedly the Ewan McGregor starrer BIG FISH (which i dig too!), and that tells me that he cannot have derided the scenario penned by Abhijat Joshi & RajKumar Hirani for '3 Idiots', he merely wanted a larger share of the limelight. at the beginning (when Bhagat had signed the contract, he mustn't have been too sure if the project would work, plus he had already burnt his fingers with 'Hello', an adaptation of his ONE NIGHT AT THE CALL CENTER, that screamed his name in the opening credits (and rightly so, on account of his involvement in its scripting) and yet was nothing short of a travesty, and thus accepted the alternate arrangement of loosely basing the film '3 Idiots' on his original novel, and therefore the closing credits mention. But post-release, the green devil had a field day, hahaha.....
well, all is finally well!

soumyadeep said...

The film '3 Idiots' has broken many records and is still running successfully in theaters, we can expect it to break a few more records too, the reason for its stupendous success can be well attributed to the mass-connect that has been made possible by delivering a profound message in the simplest possible manner. It is no secret that a film that is honest about its premise, and that has a body of cast members, and crew, remaining true to what they earnestly believe in, succeeds - even if it means toppling the pre-conceived notions of 'what works' & 'what doesn't'. The connection with the audience becomes absolute, becomes total.

ANOOP said...

One of the best films in recent times!
I would not mind going with The Sunday Indian verdict that "3 Idiots" is one of the best entertainers ever made on a country's educational system! It is a film made with a lot of passion, and genuineness, and I loved it for the same. I would not hesitate to give it a FIVE STAR rating, the cynics may go to hell!

pallavi agarwal said...

After 'Jab We Met', my most favorite Hindi film is '3 Idiots'! I love the movie!