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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Blah-blah Times

The heat is on.
Definitely so.
Here, there, and everywhere.
In Kolkata, the mercury had soared to record levels in the past ten to twelve days, and last Saturday's norwester & brisk shower notwithstanding, the daytime heat is just unbearable.
Plus, the heat generated by the pre-poll exchange of vocal missives by the political parties, and the threat of post-poll flare ups, making things worse for the ones who've been lying low, meek and subdued.
Then there is the ongoing IPL T20 cricket tournament that has had an unbelievably poor show for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Although the matches are being played in the far-off, pleasant-climes-blessed South Africa, the no-show of the Kolkata Knight Riders has meant heated outbursts here, Shah Rukh Khan won't be too happy as he is getting much maligned here, the Kolkatans are piling up their hatred against the high-profile owner of KKR!
As a nation, we are witnessing the dance of democracy, as the parliamentary elections are a witness to newer challenges, newer lows in terms of political conduct, and thus the political atmosphere is getting all heated up, rather getting vitiated! A unique sample of the same, worth mention: As a mark of protest from the electorate, a total of 1473 voters did not exercise their franchise even after visiting the booth on the day of polling in MP!! They recorded their decision not to vote in a special register!!!
In the world of entertainment, discounting the political tamasha as not so entertaining, the tussle between the multiplexes and the Mumbai producers has seen an absence of new Bollywood releases in the theaters nationwide, since April 4. The hot debate, if the multiplexes should stop their muscle flexing and agree to a 50-50 revenue sharing, is still on!!!!
Globally, as if the heat emanating from the economic slowdown was not enough to make the nations bleed, now it is the swine flu outbreak that the World Health Organization has sought a red alert on, to avoid a pandemic spread of the deadly virus!!!!
On the global blah-blah horizon, the newer threats arising from global warming are alarming all and sundry. Major cities could be in jeopardy on account of the same!

Why has the summer become all so gloomy? Isn't summer supposed to be fun at least for the temperate regions of the world? Wish I was in one right now.....
one cannot choose to remain in an air-conditioned room 24X7!


Pratyush - Waiting for ur rply said...

well I was sitting beside a lake near to my house after the day of long waited shower. A gentle breeze was blowing outside COOL and CALM. but the ambiance in the opposite edge of the lake was not at all delightful as the reckless throughing of political lectures were just was giving me headache and the ongoing situation of IPL my god!!!!!! how cud they be so irresponsible! i guess they r disparate to prove themselves that how many times they can lose. Neways ur write up compel me to share that irritation i felt dat day ... i was screwed in the cool breeze too

saurabh said...

A timely & relevant post! As the countdown to the Final Verdict begins, there's enough politics and officialese from the columnists and the experts, however it is interesting to have a little hoo-ha on the heat quotient that has gone up politically from the ones who are not so knee-deep in the thick of things!
I wish there was more though!
I am guessing that there WILL BE MORE after May 13.

Neeraj said...

Ha ha ha :D !!!
Garmii mein gehmaa-gahmee!;-)

The political scenario is boiling hot! Sadly, the Indian polity gets still embroiled in non-issues & the political immaturity reflects in the unholy alliances that make the heated exchanges between the rival camps funny beyond toleration!

iman said...

hi buddy~

lovely post, take a chill pill :-)
everything needs time to be sorted out, hence we all need to be patient and calm for a little while... hope all will be in the fine track within a few day's with a splash of water.......

take care, in summer~

sakagaze's laziest student said...

love this post. just reminds me so much of kolkata!!! missing it.

abhishek said...

The heat may have come down because of some brisk rain that has brought some relief to the Kolkatans, but the hotness quotient has been steady on the high! With the elections being just over, the scaling down of the poll-hoopla seems likely, but not before the equations have been reinstated politically and the perfect imperfections firmly in place, albeit with newer permutations, if any.

Rick said...

So, Mr. Anindo. Approximately two years after you told me check out your blog, i find the time to do so. Please do not blame me, for i was but a kid back then and didn't find blogs attractive! :)

I cant comment on anything much for all this is passe, but i will be sure to keep an eye out for your updates.

And yes, my heart bleed for KKR.