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Friday, April 24, 2009

Perfect Imperfect

Wouldn't it be wonderful..if things were PERFECT?
IDEAL.....? Dream-like? Cherished? Blemish-free?
Well, ideal sounds good so long as it is beyond reach.
Perfect sounds perfect from the prism of imperfect.
Only if we shut our eyes to imperfections and learn to focus on what suits us, we can make it as near perfect as possible.
The sane and the prudent would advise: Enjoy the best in one another, and, in one, learn to accept the best
and learn to accept the rest.....!
But that would be 'the perfect advice', too idealistic to follow, no?
We search for perfections for almost half our life, if not the entire life, and yet it is in the end that we find that the purpose of search itself had been so self-defeating!
Then we do not even hesitate to ignore the tapered ends,
it is then when the end is near that we do not even chuckle at the thought of going 'gentle into the good night', we became a mockery of our youthful zeal that had once set out to smoothen the rough edges of all imperfections, in relationships, in people, in life at large.....
I wish... just wish, desire, dream.. that we, pluralistic glorification of the 'I', could just be a little more sane, a little more prudent, and a little more at ease with the madness in our souls, and surrender to our self-seeking guidance of the innate supreme!


saurabh said...

As regards the question asked....(most of the write-up reads like a coded text to me), I would say, YES, the perfect advice is too imperfect to be followed. The imperfections make us human, make us 'normal'..... and normal might be boring but still it's better than the encrypted insanity!

Neeraj said...

Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone - to have a deep & 'perfect' relationship with another, to be loved thoroughly and exclusively. And there is nothing imperfect about it. No, not until you are dissatisfied with the loving, and have an intensely personal & unique craving to make more of the existing relationship. That's what I call an existential crisis on not only the relationship front, but also on a deeper, subliminal level.
I want you to stop planning, stop wanting, expecting the greatest things - keep experiencing that satisfactions, knowing that it's all a part of the learning process. And also listen to the voice of 'others'. You must wait. Don't be anxious. Don’t worry. Don't look around at the things others have gotten. Don't keep focusing on the things you want in a relationship; or you will miss the experiencing of the love that exemplifies your relationship.

Enjoy the everlasting union of beauty and love.

arunima said...

I am completely awed by ur thoughts and the depth of them after going through some of ur posts...as regards to this post,u r right..perfection is a word or a concept that is imperfect in itself..it does not exist..but perhaps the quest to perfection is a very magical journey and as long as you enjoy the journey the end does not matter is it not!!