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Friday, May 15, 2009


♥║aM i RuNnIng fRom LiFe....?║♥

It'S iMpOsSiBle To gEt aWay.......!!!!!
♥║SoMeTimEs I wIsH I coUlD jUsT cLoSe mY eyEs,║♥
AnD tHeN tHInGs wOuLd bE diFFeReNt.
♥║I jUsT wAnT tO bE sOmEbOdY.║♥
I DoN't kNoW if I cAn, BuT I'll tRy.
♥╠I'Ve MeSseD up in My lIfE mOrE ThAn oNce.╣♥
BuT at leAsT I'm sTill aLIve.
BuT do I WaNt to be?
♥║Yes . . . I do.... mayBE║♥
PeOpLe meSS uP aLL tHe tImE.....
♥⌠It'S no ReaSoN to jUsT RuN aWaY.⌡♥
If I do, mY pRoBleMs wiLL wAiT foR mE.
I JuSt goTTa mOvE on.....
♥╠OnE hAs to aCcePT wHaT onE hAs dOnE.╣♥

JuSt cAn't SiT aNd fEEl SoRRy fOr mYsElF.
LifE's noT tHaT bAd..... iS iT?
♥║It'S wHaT wE MaKe iT oUt tO bE.║♥
ThErE wiLL be gOOd aNd bAd TimEs.
♥║SOmeTiMes mOrE bAd tHaN gOOd.║♥
EitHer WaY it's LiFe.
♥⌠I WoUld nEvEr wAnT to cHaNge mY lIfE.⌡♥
EVen thOuGh I've meSSed up In tHe pAst.
♥╠I tHiNk it hAs MaDe me a sTrOnGer pErSon.╣♥
So iNsTeAd of ruNNiNg,
♥║I'll sTaY and tAkE lIfE aS iT Is║♥


abhishek said...

Forget about the Days when you've been LONELY,
but don't forget the FRIENDLY SMILES you've seen.

Forget about the Days when it has been CLOUDY,
but don't forget your hour in the SUN.

Forget about the time when you've been DEFEATED,
but don't forget the VICTORIES you've won.

Forget about misfortunes which you ENCOUNTERED,
but don't forget the TIMES your LUCK has turned.

Forget about mistakes that you can't CHANGE,
but don't forget the LESSON that you've learnt.

May you Smile Always.

Satyaki said...

U knew that u really had to get real with yourself. U cannot choose to remain unhappy all your life with a dream that was never meant to be realized. I am saddened by the fact that u could not make it work, despite keenly wanting it to work against all odds.
Just know that someone always gets left out and feels miserably heartbroken when a skewed relationship does not work. I could see your mate's potential, but I just did not think that yours was an evenly balanced relationship.
Unfortunately u had to make the difficult call and say, "Sorry, I just can not give u what u need." But u wanted that stubborn & selfish person to get back with u. U stooped low. U bent your back. And got kicked, pushed & shunned. Which left me maimed too.
Just move on with your life!
It's high time to forget the nightmare!
Get over it with better experiences that'd make all the good times u shared with your erstwhile mate fade in comparison.