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Friday, August 07, 2009

Romancing in the rain....

Romancing in the rain has its own special appeal.

I have memories,
sweet & sour,
of getting drenched in the rain with a special someone....
Cosying up under the shade of a tree on a secluded open space....
That's a unique feeling that is so hard to be expressed....
I have had such moments suppressed & hidden from scrutiny
....for long.
But somehow they seek a fresh lease of life,
when I voice about my dislike for the monsoon,
for the rains......!
Something keeps goading me to let go,
to enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops,
to look at the things around me
in a greener glance,
a patient stance,
recalling an old romance...

as I hope for the promise
of regeneration.
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Shangyih Y said...

Typhoon Morakot brings heavy rain and strong winds!
Typhoon Morakot bore down on Taiwan Friday, packing strong

winds and threatening to soak the entire island when it

makes landfall Saturday morning, Taiwan's Central Weather

Bureau said. Taiwan is typically hit by a dozen or so

typhoons in the summer which help replenish its water

supply. However, the storm paralyzes road and air traffic

in Taiwan.

Pratyush - Waiting for ur rply said...

Then from behind the mountains blue
Peeked a shy little rainbow too
The Dark Clouds receded gracefully
Having quenched the earth so completely

Little shrubs pushed through the ground
A little sparrow danced in glee
Everything shone sparkling white
And the men returned home happily

Time for you to rest , my friend
Explained the lord, King Nebulae
Let September come and soon ,
You will return to power again
To shine on all with your bright light
While we recede to darkness then

For everything has its own time
Theres no winning in you or I
To work together and live in peace
Can be done by us with so much ease

The great big Sun a bit humbled now
Understood his advise somehow
And so receded gracefully
Knowing that eventually
He would regain his supremacy.

Thus the story ended so
That the Sun would mend it’s ways
And give the Dark Clouds some ninety days
To rejuvenate and restore the earth
And bestow much happiness in many ways.

Krishh said...

Rains have had mixed feelings for me too. I had once been out all night on an extremely tempestuous rainy night!
It's too personal an experience to share.... but I would just like to quip that I have been left with the images, the detailed sequential inscription of that one night in my psyche. They are to be there forever! I would never in life be able to distance myself from that experience and look at Kolkata monsoon in a neutral light. I can even smell the smell, I can even sense the thrill of that night again & again, I just need to close my eyes, and the scenario unfolds in my mind's eye. I feel the rush of a torrential downpour every time I listen to a rain-song played on the radio!