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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kolkata Monsoon

In Kolkata, monsoon has its unique place, in terms of the familiar images.
Though the city has changed much over the years, from its changing skyline to its streets and thoroughfares, there are lots of things that haven't changed.

And such an eternal look of Kolkata is very much visible during the monsoons.

From the water-logged streets to the ferrying of passengers in the hand-pulled rickshaws, it is the same-old-story for us Kolkatans.

For some, it opens the floodgates of memory; for some, it has a romantic appeal; for many, it is just the period of the same soaked-and-leaky sufferings.

From documentaries and feature films, to still photographs & paintings, the rainy season in Kolkata offers rich, visual motifs and inspiring compositions.

Kolkata is always supposed to make one nostalgic if one has had the pleasure or the trauma of getting soggy in the thundershower or wading through streets, lanes & bylanes choked with rainwater merging with the filthy overflowing drains.


Anirban Halder said...

Nice images. The first one brought a smile of familiarity to my face. I had used the same in my blog Kolkata Curry in the monsoon post. Wish the images were bigger though. Didn't you select the biggest size while uploading them?

abhishek said...

Kolkata is both beautiful and ugly during the monsoons. But paradoxes ARE what the city of Kolkata is all about. And what better example than observing the city streets in multiple hues during the rainy season!