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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solitude, Twilight & Love

I have been so used to solitude
I used to bask in it.....
For me, solitude is... twilight
But, now, when I look at you,
I think: How can I live
Without you? You're the person of my dreams.
Of course I know I can, but I must give
My heart room to tell it as it seems.
Romance must have a language fit for feeling
More than fits between the earth and sky.
For love there cannot be a floor or ceiling:
My love goes down too deep and flies too high.
So when I say I cannot live without you,
Know I can't imagine so much pain;
And when I claim to always dream about you,
Well, know the moon is happy once again.
The sun reveals cold truths for all to see,
But I must light my soul, my heart
While your smile can light up the world,
For me, shining from within,
Breaking out between the clouds
That form the skin of self.
Love seems sweet as the sun's liquid joy
Love is my twilight,
Sweet it is, captured in sweet wine,
My happiness is captured in your love
My solitude engulfed by sweet love.


iman said...

hi buddy!!!

just like old red wine, i wish your love gets a riched flavour that both of you and your loved one can cherish....

i wish there's no place for solitude in your life, all your negetive paths could be wiped out from the canvas of your life......

i wish your life be full of happiness.....

Abin said...

Love makes the world go round.... and sometimes solitude gives one a better perspective of love - the special love - that grows in a man's heart. Solitude, not akin to being lonesome, can often bring a joy in the sense that it rekindles the passion for one's loved one(s)...
Dude, I would assume that you have been in love and it is the glow of love that resonates in the crimson glow of the twilight.

Akshay G. said...

Here's a C.S. Lewis quote on love that I would like to share with you: "Love is the great conqueror of lust. Being in love is far better than either common sensuality or cold self-centredness."