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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Mayhem

My Heart Bleeds for Mumbai

Mumbai- City of joy, opportunities, and glamour

City of wealth, wit and humour,

City of cricket, films and vigour,

City of health, hotels and Reliance power

The picture today is really grim and gory.

It is Mumbai but with a different story,

My heart bleeds for Mumbai as it grapples with a terror strike of the worst kind

And innocent lives are lost, and thousands are in pain...!!!!

[For the uninitiated:
(Newsfeed -courtesy- Yahoo News, Associated Press, Google & Press Trust of India)
Mumbai, on the western coast of India overlooking the Arabian Sea, is home to splendid Victorian architecture built during the British Raj and is one of the most populated cities in the world with some 18 million crammed into shantytowns, high rises and crumbling mansions. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, and houses important financial institutions, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the corporate headquarters of many Indian companies.
The Hotel Taj,flames seen leaping out from the domed structure in the pic above(one of the heritage hotels that assume a place of pride for all Indians,overlooks the fabled Gateway of India that commemorated the visit of King George V and Queen Mary), Oberoi Hotel and other prominent places were under siege - as a band of terrorists attacked last night, with a view to kill, and even hold on ransom, foreign tourists and innocent civilians. The terrorists opened fire at nearly half a dozen places in south Mumbai at around 10pm on Wednesday,26th November, 2008 and soon took hundreds, including foreigners and businessmen, hostage. Gunmen opened fire from AK-47 rifles at the city’s busiest railway terminal, CST, killing nearly 20 people. Fear swept through the city, as frequent gunfire was heard from public places. Explosive-laden vehicles, including a taxi near the international airport, blew up. The Indian Army, Navy, Mumbai police and STG & Ant-terror Squad are jointly countering and trying to restore normalcy, as the entire world condemns the dastardly act of the terrorists. ]

May Mumbai Shine Again!! May the People of Mumbai Fight Back With Resilience & Uniform Solidarity! The Kolkatans Are With You!


arpita sharma said...

My heart weeps & bleeds too, for my fellow Indians, and the members of the global brethren, who've lost their lives or are grieving for the death of their loved ones, or the ones who have been maimed....
but more than grief or remorse, it is a deep disgust for the coward terrorists, who make us their soft targets, that fills my heart!
64 bomb blasts have rocked India in the last seven months! Are we at the mercy of terrorists as they strike at will to create fear and havoc across the country. The latest terror attacks and hostage situation in Mumbai in various five star hotels and key locations have again shown our vulnerability to terror strikes. Can there be no respite, no end to this madness....? Let not the mayhem maim our psyche too!

sakagaze's laziest student said...

I hope and prayer for Mumbaians who were affected by this terror strike. I hope Mumbai will come back to normal soon and those behind these terror strikes be adequately punished. TERRORISTS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE UNDERSTOOD, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ERADICATED.

sakagaze's laziest student said...
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dip said...

India has been shaken repeatedly by terror attacks blamed on Muslim militants in recent years, but most were bombings striking crowded places: markets, street corners, parks. Mumbai - one of the most populated cities in the world with some 18 million people - was hit by a series of bombings in July 2006 that killed 187 people.

This time - however - the attacks were more sophisticated & more brazen. On Wednesday, 26th November, at about 9:20 p.m. the Mumbai mayhem began with shooters spraying gunfire across the Chhatrapati Shivaji railroad station, one of the world's busiest terminals. For the next two hours, there was an attack roughly every 15 minutes - the Jewish center, a tourist restaurant, one hotel, then another, and two attacks on hospitals. There were 10 targets in all. Till now, the death toll has crossed 195! It is unthinkable how unsafe we have became in any metropolis of the world, the thought would send shivers down one's spine. But we must remember that the terrorists who caused havoc in Mumbai this time were hellbent on dismantling the economic & ethnic fabric of India, and nothing else, hence greater amount of caution and truly responsible behaviour are expected from all Indians.

Bong Pen said...

How many times more?

How many test will the City and the country undergo to confirm that we still havent lost the last trace of resillience?

Right you are sakagaze to express Kolkata's solidarity with Mumbai and the best way to do so would be to not let go of the seething anger against all those elements which make us bleed again and again!

iman said...

my prayer for all those affected soul.....