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Friday, February 22, 2008

Sean Penn

Sean Penn
Sean Penn is a terrific actor. He has enigmatic presence. Over the years I have seen him evolve as an actor of the finest calibre, in a whole range of Hollywood films. Inspite of being a top-notch star, he has dared to act in experimental films, and sometimes he has been in the non-Hollywood International projects too.

[Date of birth 17 August 1960 Birth place Santa Monica, California.] Birth name Sean Justin Penn. Height 5' 8.25 " (173 cm)
Sean Justin Penn launched his acting career in 1981. His performance in 'The Falcon & the Snowman', 'The Casualties of War', 'Dead Man Walking', ‘I am Sam’, 'Mystic River' and '21 Grams' are all considered phenomenal. In the early nineties, he started his career as a director. Sean Penn is also an active on various political and social causes. In 2002, Penn placed an ad in the Washington post asking President George W Bush to end the cycle of violence. He later went on various social causes to Iraq and Iran. He also did a documentary on the 9/11 bombing in New York. Having a very strong political, acting and Directing career, Sean Penn has risen among many to prove his abilities in various ways to the American public. Till date he has been awarded many prestigious awards including the Best Actor Oscar (picture on top) and Golden Globe awards, for his stunning performances.
The films of the actor, which I have seen:
21 Grams (2003)
Mystic River (2003)
I Am Sam (2001)
Before Night Falls [Antes que anochezca - Spanish title] (2000)
The Thin Red Line (1998)
The Game (1997)
U Turn (1997)
Colors (1988)
Taps (1981)

[Filmography links - Courtesy: www.imdb.com]


Mehul said...

Sean Penn's fourth film as director is being talked about at the moment, as does the candid forays by the tabloids peeping into the split of Penn with wife Robin Wright Penn. Hence, I absolutely loved this latest post on Penn.
Unfortunately, in the US, Penn attracts much negative buzz because of his political leanings and diatribes. A person who is as candid about socio-political repercussions is a likely candidate for spewing venom on (much like our very own Aamir Khan), however one has to doff one's hat at Penn for being so gutsy! I will surely try to catch the six or seven films starring Penn from your list which I am yet to watch.

Satyaki said...

I love Sean Penn in 'Dead Man Walking' and 'Mystic River'. Those two films epitomise his talent. He haseen earning a lot of flak from the Republicans in the US, but I think that it's a passing phase, and it should't be able to keep him down for long. His latest, and fourth, directorial venture 'Into the Wild' re-establishes Sean Penn's credentials as a thoughtful and skilled director.

arpita sharma said...

Wow! A nod to the great actor Sean Penn..... it can't get better than his rich body of work. They don't make leading men like Penn anymore!
Sean Penn is one of the major driving forces in American cinema, an actor of pure artistic intentions, utter sincerity and empathy, and thoughtful (if often misconstrued) politics. He's unique by virtue of his rough sexuality and pugnacity; intelligence as an actor (he shares with both a volatile, sometimes over-the-top acting style and tendency to play human beings with emotions rather than playing by acting techniques); and his meticulous but emotionally direct appeal.

Sridevi said...

Sean Penn is so different from the run-of-the-mill actors of Hollywood. His performances always stand tall even if it is in a not-so-brilliant movie.
'21 Grams', 'Mystic River' and 'Dead Man Walking' are among my favorites; many would say these are his very best performances.