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Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's That Time of the Year Again.......!!!!!

It is that time of the year again...... the time to celebrate the best films - as the Oscars are given out - essentially it is the muscle flexing of Hollywood, but for us movie-buffs it is also a chance to see some of the acclaimed films that might not have been seen in theaters had it not been for the promotional mechanism going great guns worldwide.

Unlike previous years, here in Kolkata, the lure of big Hollywood releases has dwindled in a major way. Many of the biggies have been biting the dust at the multiplexes of Kolkata in the recent times.
There are many factors - the principal amongst being is the erosion of single screen clout in niche pockets. The multiplex-going audience watches the latest Hollywood blockbusters many months before their big screen release in Kolkata, and hence people can hardly be expected to queue up for the ones that do get released at long last. The distributor chains are thus reluctant to release or promote English-language films in Kolkata. And the trend and culture of watching good English-language films at the theaters is on the wane. Unless a franchise film like 'Spiderman' or 'Harry Potter', with a cross-market appeal, is released, we Kolkatans have to look forward to watching good films on Home VCDs and DVDs only!
I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to watch some of the Oscar favorites in February, the Oscar-month, itself!

And here's the report card: 'Atonement' is the one that I enjoyed most. It is a profound period love story that resonated every which way. 'Michael Clayton' is remarkably poised in its anti-Capitalist stance; very humane, very brave, and very eloquent. 'Eastern Promises' is a shocker of a film for more reasons than one; however, it isn't as effective as Cronenberg's earlier indictment of Americana ('A History of Violence'), but immensely watchable (strictly 'not for all') for the gritty depiction of brute force. 'No Country For Old Men' - which won the top honors at the 80the Oscar Awards - has been a huge letdown for me, I would have liked the film better had not been so grossly overrated; the Coen Brothers have made far better films in the past that are less indulgent and less pretentious, 'Fargo' being the very best. There was yet another surprise, and this one was pleasant, in the form of the Disney offering called 'Enchanted'; nominated for the beautiful songs, which keep ringing in one's ears long after the end credits have scrolled, it is a treat for the entire family. The tongue-in-cheek allusions to the classic fairy tales being firmly planted, the joyous celebration of romance in 'Enchanted' is very very infectious (as the sweet chipmunk Pip seems to be pointing out in the picture on top), to say the least.
'No Country For Old Men'


sayantan said...

Hello Anindo!!!

I completely agree with you.......

English movie watching in Kolkata on the big screen is declining.....

The factors you mentioned are totally true.

The movies don't get released in Kolkata at par its Hollywood release and by the time it gets finally released, the english movie buffs have already seen it in home dvds.

So Kolkata english movie watching is fast declining.

Earlier many english movies used to release here in Kolkata. But due to disinterest in the minds of audience, the movies getting released here has become much fewer in number. Only hollywood blockbusters like Spiderman, Harry Potter etc. get thunderous openings and other niche films are completely ignored. The result of which is, many english movie watchers who do not have the priviledge to watch the movies in private vcds/dvds are not able to watch these wonderful piece of arts. So they suffer and are forced to remain ignorant unlike their counterparts elsewhere in India. The picture at the rest parts of India is no better but Kolkata is too grim to believe. Here even Bollywood movie directors shy away from promoting their films, because lack of multiplexes and good audience.

I hope this picture gets improved in the years to come and we are in a much more better situation, where we can go and watch and enjoy an Iranian film, or Brazilian film or a Korean film, etc in the pleasures of the big screen here in Kolkata itself.

I hope my dreams come true!!!

(On a personal level, I totally envy you Anindo!!!

You are so lucky to watch all the latest good movies around the world... I wish I could also watch all these movies too...

But I am an ignorant fool and an uneducated silly stupid person who is doomed to stay like this in his entire meaningless existence on this planet Earth. I hope in my next birth, I am able to fulfill all my unfulfilled wishes and dreams...)

Keep it going Anindo!!!

Your blogs rock and so do you!!!

Here's wishing you all the best in your life and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

God bless you.


Satyaki said...

Cool post, dude!
This year the Oscars were bagged by the outsiders and that might have been a welcome change, but I personally feel that there was a greater amount of omissions when it came to selecting films of merit. The nomination itself excluded some worthy titles. The honors were tainted with a hue of political correctness, that is so much undesirable.
I hope to see - like you - many of the other contemporary good films. So let's make a toast for the cause of good world cinema.

Mehul said...

I am longing to see 'Juno'. I am sure you too haven't seen it. Else, it would find mention. Among the Oscar-blessed movies, 'No Country For Old Men' was a disappointment for me too. Many a viewer would feel cheated after watching the movie lured by glowing tributes. 'Atonement' is surely the film that enthralled me too. It is so simple, yet so brilliantly told, so elegant & profound.
Dude, you could have written in detail about the films - I'm sure you will write on many more brilliant films you will see from the cache of Oscar-buzz features. My appetite is yet to be quenched, ha ha ha...!

sannamika said...

Among the winners at this year's Oscars, in various categories for achievements of diifferent kind, my favorites are: Juno, Ratatouille, There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton. And Keira Knightley in 'Atonement', and Johnny Depp in 'Sweeney Todd' were marvellous.