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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aamir -- Happy Birthday!

He is one of his kind.
He is a class apart.
he does not hesitate to speak his mind.
He walks the least trodden path.
He dares to listen to his heart... and his heart alone, when in doubt.
He is extraordinarily interesting as a person.....
though he can be simultaneously in conflict and at peace.
My his charisma continue.... may we stay enamored with him forever.
After all, he has shown the way, has been a guide, to many of us.
He is Aamir Khan.
And, mind you, the words above aren't mine alone.....
I collated the thoughts and expressions of so many of my dear ones.
We all are Aamir-lovers! Absolutely. Unabashedly.
Here's sending loads of love and good wishes on his birthday.
Quoting one of his greatest fans: May this be the dawn of a new beginning for Aamir.


jeet said...

We can always trust Aamir Khan to think out of the box. He loves pushing the envelope. He is a trendsetter of sorts, and thus I have great respect and admiration for him.
Aamir Khan is a man of vision like none else - from among the so-called stars of the Mumbai film industry.

Satyaki Chatterjee said...

Aamir is the 'jaan' of Hindi cinema, at least for me. I have grown up, have acquired a sensibility for films, as well as for other things, watching him and following him keenly. Be it on the silver screen, or on television, or in his public appearances that are ever so meaningful, he never fails to impress, never fails to make me want to emulate..... and the respect and love for him has grown over the years. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors, my heart tells me he can never go wrong. After all that's how our true idols make us feel.

mehul said...

In an industry that is often polarised by the star-camps and which often reeks of pettiness, a person like Aamir Khan exudes a lot of goodwill and genuineness. I salute him for that most of all.

sumit said...

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan (excuse the belated wishes, 'cause I read the blog just now)!
I am eagerly waiting for 'Dangal', his next. It's a bit disheartening that this year we won't have the opportunity to watch him on the big screen in any new release post-'PK'.