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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Of Guys and Dolls

When I was growing up, if anyone dared to suggest that guys too love to play with dolls, he or she would have been spewed venom upon, or worse.... well, that still holds in the society I hail from.
Guys playing with dolls? No, no, no.... it is a big 'no' for goodness' sake!
But action figures.... well, they're fine of course. At least that's the evolved perception right now.
Reading comics from an early age, and being in close touch with the world scenario, although from a distance, I had known all along that guys of all ages can known to be passionate about action figures. The fact remains that still in some cultures it's very much a closet phenomenon.
Times are hopefully changing, mindsets are known to change slowly but gradually.
Even we Indians are wholeheartedly embracing the culture of men (adults of either gender actually) being charged up about collecting superhero action figures thanks to a chocolate major and its unique advertising campaign.
The manliness of the so called pin-ups is also not expected to be doubted by the impressionable majority when these models or actors are shown posing with their favorite action figures. I like it.

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aarav said...

I think it is high time to question the gender stereotypes..... and playing with dolls or action-figures or even playing house-house is one such thing that's part of our grooming at the earliest. Does allowing a bit more sensitivity for the boy child mean being okay with him turning out to be what the masochistic mores term a 'sissy' or a 'fag'?