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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling penguiny

Have I gone delusional this summer? Am feeling all penguiny for sure!
Remember the movie 'Sister Act'? And that classic piece of dialogue immortalized by Whoopi Goldberg, "I am a nun! ..... I am a penguin...."?
I dig that!
As the heat is hitting the roof and the discomfort level is shooting up, my thoughts are that of the penguins, and not those birds for real, or their sweet made up tales that I grew up on, but the cheeky animated ones from the 'Madagascar' films...... ha ha ha....... here's raising a toast to them as they are gracing the television screens in America that a friend of mine updated me about. The Penguins of Madagascar, we need you here in India too........ seriously, are the channel honchos listening?

1 comment:

Vishesh said...

Those penguins were quite the star attractions in the Madagascar films, despite not being main characters.

I too would love to catch the CGI tele-series referred to.