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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nicolas Le Floch

It is a television series that has had me enraptured.
And it is in French, a language which I do not follow.
I have to rely solely on the subtitles, yet it is so very exciting!
Set in the shadow of the big and small events that characterize the history of 18th Century France, the series features Nicolas Le Floch, the fictional hero from the detective novels of Jean-François Parot, who happens to be the young Marquis of Ranreuil and Police Commissioner at the Châtelet. The tales are of sordid crime and passion, laced with intrigue and depravity, romance and mystery, and above all a historical grandeur of the times which were an admixture of the best and the worst.
Aired on TV5 Monde Asie, the Asian counterpart of the French channel, on Monday nights, the series has me wondering why the whole world isn't buzzing about its charm. Absolutely recommended, for adults only.


Sunny said...

Thanks for writing about this wonderful series. Sadly, much isn't written about the original programming that excites viewers in the non-English parts of the world. I am sure the small but timely write-up will lead to the series having many new takers. In these days of digital transmission, the French network is picked up by most cable and DTH networks, giving us the access to this brilliant detective/crime-thriller series.

Deep said...

Am impressed. Awesome selection of teleseries. Wish I could read the books too.

raj said...

The diabolical humor and the mix of history and intrigue is too alluring..... and the eponymous hero too cool with his blend of sexiness and intelligence.