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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Perfectly imperfect

Nothing's pre-written.
Nothing's to be re-written.
Hence, we must write carefully, all the more.
We are required to live the best.
As best as we can, and leave the rest.
Leave the rest to the unchangeable, irreversible destiny.
It's a perfectly imperfect world after all.


saurabh said...

Nice post, buddy.
It is an imperfect world, I agree, but it is more so on account of us....... we get embroiled in so many imperfections, and make so many errors....... we keep making errors, in fact, and none so distressing as our breaking of hearts; after all, no spare parts are available for broken hearts.

Rachit said...

Let not the imperfections catch you on the wrong foot. Stay prepared, very prepared. And give a hard kick to the imperfections as soon as they land! Voila, you will have ridden them, if not written them off!
Take care.

diya said...

With a caring friend's umbrella to shelter one from the 'imperfections'.... life becomes 'perfect', what else does one truly need?

sumit said...

Cool, cute and easy post:)
Hope you are doing fine, Anindo.

Ronnit said...

Super-cool, short and sweet, buddy.

ankush said...

Sometimes the only thing we want is to have someone to understand us perfectly when we are too tired of understanding this imperfect world.