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Monday, August 29, 2011

How to flex the enthu muscle?

I have often observed that the people who seem to get the most done and appear to be the most successful are those who have an enthusiastic attitude.
Sometimes, the unlimited enthusiasm in a person just baffles and bewilders me.
If there is one thing I think is genuinely worth being envious of is this enthusiasm or high-spiritedness.
There is definitely something very attractive about those who have a zest for life and a real passion about what they do.
People with such enthusiasm send out positive energy that automatically draw people in their direction.
This ability to attract positive energy is why enthusiastic people are more likely to succeed.
So, how do we become enthusiastic? How do we flex our enthu muscle?
I have been told that it's easier than I think.
Well, the key lies in practice. Yes, it just takes practice.
One needs to think of it like exercising a muscle to make it toned and strong. In this case, the best way to build up one's enthusiasm muscle is to find ways to focus on the positive. I I have found it difficult to do especially because I am way too often weighed down by the odds of life. The hardships and the challenges get the better of me, and I feel browbeaten to the core.
But, I have been told that one who is not exactly feeling upbeat due to the harsh realities of the present can try becoming aware of the happy and upbeat things around one, they can surely be found to exist by the natural laws of contrary feelings, and then one has to really start focusing on them. This will help to encourage a positive outlook. And when one becomes positive, he or she is more likely to be energetic and enthusiastic, thereby drawing wonderful energy his or her way.
It seems really a fantastic cycle to be a part of!
It is also beneficial to seek out the company of other enthusiastic people.
Being around those who are positive and enthusiastic is equally stimulating and invigorating. And as this process is contagious, even more beneficial and creative energy comes our way.
Positivity easily translates into perceivable gains, transcends immediate applications and transmits to people who happen to interact with the positive-minded people. 
As we work toward this goal of enjoying what we do and those we spend time with, we ourselves shall become an enthusiastic example to those around us.


aryan rocks said...

I am much impressed by this write-up, Ani.
Keep flexing your muscles, including the enthu-muscle..... hahaha!:-)

Arunima said...

Ha ha...medical books should perhaps include a description about this new muscle called "enthu muscle" :). I am wondering which sort of muscle it will be!! Voluntary or involuntary!You are correct...the more voluntarily we use this muscle the less we have to use many facial muscles, esp the ones for grimace and frowning!!!
Nice post indeed! ;)

Deep said...

A truly interesting post. Different from the usual ones. Liked it.