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Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook mania.....

Is it the new drug? Is it the new addiction for millions?

Gosh!!!! It's too addictive!

Are people increasingly interested in boosting self-image?

Even if it is a trumped-up, false image?

The answer: Yes, sadly so.

Falling in love on Facebook is common...... but so is falling out of love.

And the love-hate-love affair with Facebook continues.

Some even believe in the adage: 
"FACEBOOK makes work fun!"


abhishek said...

The fun-times at Facebook are about to get over, buddy. It seems that out of sheer competition and a sense of insecurity, Facebook is desperate to make all sorts of changes every now and then. First, it tried to bring back the good old days of limiting one's friends beyong trusted circle by asking poers to subscribers if they know a particular friend from outside Facebook or not, and in the way became a tad unpopular here in India - where people have been increasingly using it as a tool to make new friends. Now, Facebook is even trying to engage in a game of edge over Google Plus (which is a new entrant in the scene) and other potential social networking interfaces by introducing more & more juvenile features.

diya said...

I am not too addicted to Facebook, which I find being increasingly used by desperate guys to befriend girls. Though as a social networking tool Facebook has had some prominence internationally and have often been able to get appreciated as a game-changer, here in India it's just juvenile and puerile madness for despos...... it's just a comment based on personal experience of mine, others might differ on it, I know.

starry-eyed said...

Here's an open letter to Facebook, no it's not by me, but it's funny, hence I share.....

Dear Facebook,
Don't show us so much attitude.....
You can't even sign up without us.....!

Yours sincerely,
MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL


raj said...

The only book that can give Chetan Bhagat a run for his money: Facebook!

Ronnit said...

Am yet to be smitten. Social networking is not really my cup of tea.