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Thursday, December 18, 2008

If Lemons Were Melons......

Dost thou love life?
Then do not squander time,
for that is the stuff life is made of.
- Benjamin Franklin

We all feel some time or the other that only some insanely lucky people are blessed with endless good fortune, tons of money, good looks and, more than anything else, an ability to overcome every problem. It often seems like nothing can touch them; they navigate through life's waters with ease and always bounce back from every knockdown. They are the ones who can recover quickly from their financial losses and setbacks, quickly gaining control, they are the ones who happen to tackle even the most difficult problems and emerge victorious.

Having though all that we should also ponder on our line of thoughts, it seems to have a strange paradox: the so-called 'lucky ones' are not thoroughly devoid of problems after all, they just manage to turn their weaknesses to strengths, their insecurities to opportunities! That means it must be something innate, something that is integral to their very thought processes, and to their stream of conscious actions.

Let's face it -- life is full of 'little things' that zap our energy. They are no match for the powers of the self that can help one tower above the humongous barriers, in the uphill battle of life. With one's energy in tact, one can surely forget about life's little annoyances, and build a defence mechanism or an immunity to face larger and still larger challenges. With one's spirit unbroken, with one's fabric of resilience pores-free, one can expect to have some of that energy at hand, so that the odds can even be bypassed altogether.

I am always that naive student who observes keenly, and hence I have noticed that in life, there always seems to be at least one pest! The key to keep oneself protected from the troublemakers that stand between an individual and success lies in one's attitude in life. We all need extra energy to cope when struggles arise in matters of the heart. We can reclaim our personal power even when we feel impoverished by recalling the simple analogy of lemons being perceived as melons - if one starts spelling them so, by a mere shift of the letters of alphabet.

I have seen the successful individuals master the art, and I have just summed up their involuntary mechanism; I am just a learner, a wee beginner.

For myself, I am an optimist -
It does not seem to be much use
being anything else.
- Winston Churchill

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iman said...

hi buddy!!

indeed a nice post, if you can spell LEMON as MELON by mere shifting of alphabets then i must tell that LIFE is just like a FILE having many of score cards, some are good, some are bad, some are poor and also some are excellent. but we can not change the scores or the phase of having poor score, life is just like that.....
there is no Lucky One as you mentioned, every single phase is a passing phase, every little moment become history at the very next moment!! we all need to handle it with more power, power from our inner-self, power from the Lord.....
whatever will come in life one should not lose proper attitude and self confidence, it's the parameter which can act as a silent friend~

just be happy, always!!! :)

Sayantan said...

Life is like that only...... it never spares one chance to snatch all your joys and happiness and peace of mind.... whenever you have something in mind, fate intervenes.... it rewrites whatever you have not thought of....... changing your total destiny.... "Luck" is important.... Though I agree with you that nobody is lucky, but a little bit of luck helps a person go a long way along with his/her much needed hard work.... I may sound very superstitious by talking of "luck,destiny..." etc. etc. but through my personal experience I am saying this...
At the end I must say, we must be honest to ourselves.... because you can cheat others but not yourself.... so be honest.... Have that extra zing in you.... because it does help.... whenever life depresses you don't wipe down... cry if it eases your pain.... but don't lose... get up and be ready to face more hurdles... because life is like that only... face it!!! It is designed to give you troubles at every phase of your life.... so we should accept it as a challenge.... If life gives you a punch, in your face... bear it but then be strong enough to return the same favour.... don't be resilient... our resilience has cost us so many lives.... so many people got killed and injures due to the terrorist attack which stirred the whole nation... can't we learn from this incident... that WE MUST NEVER GIVE IN!!! It does not help to be so goody-goody... you know... because all that you face in life, are not goody-goody... you have to make yourself strong... and just do your work with honesty.... and most importantly,believe in Almighty.... it really helps you know.... pray to him regularly... it does give a very strong/positive energy within you which will help you revive from all wounds and get ready for new hurdles... and never forget to smile.... when life kicks you, show that you are strong enough to face it and still not get carried away from your goals, that you still know how to live life... and know how to "smile"...
(By "You" I am addressing nobody in particular and talking in general.)
And lastly, thanks for this nice post.... it did stimulate me to write so many words.... I don't know... Take care, buddy... you are the BEST... and God bless you.

andrew said...

Lemons are lemons! And melons are melons! By changing the letters of the alphabet, words do change - and so do they change in their essence!