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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The music plays on

In the rhythm of life, sometimes, we find ourselves out of tune... but, as long as there's someone with the promise of becoming our melody, the music plays on.

Here's sharing a special message forwarded by a special someone....

"If you're lying in bed
wrapped up in sheets
of miserable thought,
go to sleep

if thumbing through old messages
only causes your heart to ache
and long for something unattainable,
erase them

if it hurts to keep
everything you're feeling
bottled up inside,
let it out

if you're clinging onto someone
that doesn't treat you like
you're worth the world,
let them go

because sometimes
we choose to believe
that things are only
indistinguishable shades of gray
when in reality
life is more black and white
than it seems

if you're unhappy
with the way
you are living your life,
change it."

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