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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Coffee Post

Posting a fun message shared by a dear friend of mine. It's dedicated to all the coffee-lovers.
The kind of coffee we love to drink actually says a lot about us.
Here, take a look: 
The Espresso-lovers are friendly and adaptive.
Those who like Double Espresso are practical & hardworking.
Those who like Triple Espresso are enthusiastic but obsessive.
The Latte-lovers are reflective but often indecisive. In a world of unknowns, they like the safe pick.
The Macchiato fans are, essentially, traditional and reserved.
Those who love the Americano coffee are calm and conscientious.
The Mocha-lovers are basically fun loving and creative people.
Cappuccino is the flavor favored by the warm-hearted but obvious folks.
Iced-coffee is the fond favorite of those who are assertive and outspoken.
The Frappuccino-lovers are the happy and energetic kind.
Coffee-to-go is definitely the one for the serious and focused.

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