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Friday, July 18, 2014

Revisiting 'Chatroom'

"Ready for therapy?" asks William. A simple question? Well, no.

Seldom do I revisit movies that I have already seen. First, the time is too short to catch up with films, old and new - that's the principle a movie junkie like me abides by; plus, there is the risk of my love for a movie fading, at least marginally if not considerably, when I watch it again. However, recently I made an exception for a movie I had seen some time back (and liked) - called 'Chatroom' - and I am glad I did, because my love and appreciation for the movie - largely the premise and its handling - has grown manifold. It should be made compulsory viewing for young, impressionable folks, for obvious reasons, the chatting - as well as subverting and bullying - ways may keep dating with passage of time, and that too at a very fast rate, but the tale would definitely connect, it does make sense, it'll keep doing so.

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