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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A catty post

What's it with me and cats?
Now, don't get me wrong. I do not have a cat fetish.
I have a liking for cats, but it does not border on the insane.
All I want to draw attention to is the fact that cats have featured in many significant episodes in my life. I have petted cats in the past, though I never had what can be called a house-cat.
Right now, there is neither the space nor scope to indulge cats.
Sometimes, I do miss their company, but admire cats from a distance, or those that belong to my friends and acquaintances.
However, for a fortnight or so, a cat has been keeping close watch on me, or so it seems.
Every night, rather late at night, even past midnight at times, I find a cat waiting outside my door.
I have never fed it, never showed any affection, yet it is found waiting just outside the door, whenever I open the door, which I do regularly to check if she is there or not!
First, I thought it happened by chance, a random straying on her part.
But she never ceases to be right there at the dead of night.
It has become a routine......... a strange routine.
I open my door, before going to sleep, each night, almost like an obsession.
I live on the second floor. So the cat has to either climb up the stairs, or she climbs down from the terrace (the terraces of apartments being inter-connected).
Stranger still, she never makes a noise; she is never found during the day!
All she does is sit and stare.
I switch on lights on the stairways, which are switched off by midnight anyway, to see if it is all just an illusion........ the other residents on my floor are asleep by then, or maybe oblivious, and I can't check if I am the only one who has been experiencing this catty affair.
Maybe I never will find out, unless the cat in question can communicate in some way, and expresses her heart's desire.
I am sharing here some catty images which have earlier been sent to me by many an e-friend.
Let us be happy-catty-cool. Meowwwwwwwwww!


LoverBoy said...

Most people are clearly divided in their loyalty, they either love dogs or cats...... but not me. I love dogs as well as cats. I can't have a pet because I live with my extended family, but luckily all my family members show affection for cats - the strays who keep dropping by, after meals, eager to be indulged.

Saahil said...

meow meow ..... purr purr ..... hahaha