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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Living legend Messi

Messi is the subject of my blog-post, yet again, and indeed it is a honor to be feting the Prince of Football. He undoubtedly deserves all the ooh-aahs, not just from his umpteen admirers, but also from the genuine critics and observers who love the game of football and who do not hesitate to laud the feats of the greats, the legends. 
I know that calling someone a living legend is a rare honor, but Lionel Messi's success story is laced with legendary triumphs, it is truly the stuff that makes instant history. He is not one to sit comfy on his laurels, he keeps going from strength to strength. 
He is the superstar of football for all that he displays on the field, and even off it. He has created history this season by breaking the 40-year-old record of most goals scored in a calendar year. And that is not all, the football crazy city of ours and the soccer lovers around the globe are all hoping that he will set many more records. 
He shoots the ball into the goal like a dream, and hence the very sight of him in action, on the field, is a feast for our eyes. It has been rightly said that he roams the ground with a boyish abandon, and nothing can beat the way a certain hush descends on the stadium as he embarks on his magical run towards the opponents' goal area. 
Here's wishing him all the best for the days ahead!


Miimzo said...

It seems that the post was lucky for Messi even more as the superstar ended up yesterday's match with two more goals, his 89th and 90th this year (Barcelona has a nine point advantage at the top of La Liga) and may his remarkable run continue, may there be not just easy wins but magical wins created by this master footballer.

sammit said...

What makes him undoubtedly different from others is with all his achievements he still is a humble and such a down-to-earth guy who gives priority to his team rather than individual records and awards.

saurabh said...

The reason I like Messi is his powerpacked performance, high-voltage action on the field. He is nothing less than a beast inside the box; given his eye for the ball and his positioning skills, he is unrivalled in today's times. He creates chances for himself and for his team almost out of nowhere....... that makes him magical.

aarav said...

Messi enjoys the game like every footballer should, and that's what keeps him growing, and even helps him retain his schoolboy-like stamina.

Manojj said...

Messi remains genuinely unmatched.
He has deservedly won the fourth consecutive Ballon d'Or this year.

Cherry Blossom said...

I love Messi!