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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who is stress-free?

Stress, stress everywhere....... all around, all the time.
Who is stress-free in this world?

Well, the search may prove to be more stressful than bargained for.
However, I have come to realize that managing stress or dealing with it effectively is what should be our key concern.
With our hectic schedules, and umpteen pressures, stress becomes our biggest enemy.
It tires us out for anything productive in the long run. We are haggard just fighting stress all the time, and thus, in the process, we are always the losers, no matter what. The belly fat that the hormones triggered by stress induces is hard to hide, so is the overall worn out look of ours.
I like to tell my mind that I have just a manageable level of stress even when the reality might be quite opposite. But do I fool my body's system and get away with it? Mostly, yes. 
After all, I can't spend hours sitting on a pillow. 
I can't emulate the ideals of a yogi or an ascetic. 
I throw my hands up in the air even for the exercise regimen, and hope to be gymming only while I am asleep, in my dreams that is. 
All I have to depend on is an inner communication with my own self. 
Else, I have to wish my stress away, magically; 
I believe in magic, although I am devoid of magical powers.

I believe, I need to look within, a lot more, instead of trying to decipher the happy expressions on people all around - on the streets, on the sidewalks, in cars and buses, at places of work, pleasure or worship - and coming to terms with the possibility of them being more stress-free than I am. Well, I guess, I have to come to terms with merely being stress-adjusted. I better let go of the stress-free aspiration in life.


Joy said...

Stress lena nahin....... dena bhi nahin....... hahaha

Imran said...

No stress hassles for you, dear, when the magical powers can make them vanish in thin air, right? So, keep smiling, keep shining. Always.

jeet said...

Impressed. Period.