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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Life's struggles

Only a few people strive to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. 
Most think that they aren't luckier than the majority. They find themselves disadvantaged, and shortchanged. However, only when one assumes a neutral approach, ridding oneself of all the biases and prejudices that tend to make one feel gypped, that makes one feel trapped in a dysfunctional emotional space, can one truly appreciate life for what it is worth. 

As a new day begins each morning, and, opening one's eyes, there is a feeling of reassurance that one is alive, the petty struggles do not weigh heavy on one's mind. We take too many things for granted. We do not take into account the simple advantages that we enjoy, the simple but priceless gifts we are endowed with, and we do not as such appreciate the life that we live. 
Feeling grateful or thankful for the life that we have been gifted does not come easy, I agree. And it is primarily because of our feeling trapped within the very struggles that we have to engage ourselves in, often when we are extremely reluctant to do so. Some of our battles are themselves so huge, humongous, and hollowing, that they drain and deplete us, and keep us from valuing life itself. 
When I actually think about it, I realize how skewed my thinking has been, but it must also be said that one cannot afford to self-flagellate even if it comes to that, it is but natural - I tell myself - it had been charted for me that way, my life, my struggles, my battles within and without. Life's struggles end only when life does. 
Life would indeed have been too dull, too static, without the challenges, without the struggles; no?


Neeraj said...

An insightful, specially meaningful musing...... thank you for this post.

Sharmee said...

Nice. Deep - as usual.