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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A summer of discontent and dissent

I find the weather not only dreadful because it has warmed up badly 
but also because of the extreme discomfort it has been resulting in.
Kolkata has been missing out on the green cover to a greater extent this year as several construction projects are underway. 

And, on the personal front, I too am having a hard time, 
battling the challenges, physically and mentally. 

Although I am desperately trying to project an 'everything's cool' image.
A dear friend of mine asked me today: Why can't I be half as nice as interesting?
Well, that shows that my facade hasn't worn off...... hahaha.
I confess, I have been suffering a host of summer allergies of late. 
Plus, having to brave the heat in afternoons, have found me tweeting my woes.

As if the perspiration and dehydration weren't enough to irk us, there is an additional woe on account of the rising prices. Prices of consumer-durables and essential items are sky-rocketing each day!
Worse still, Kolkata - rather, the entire state of West Bengal - has been witnessing a summer of dissent what with the obnoxious political climate, many of the new government's (about to be a year-old soon) promises having been proved false, and some of the apprehensions about the leadership and the functioning having come true.


aarav said...

I hate summer. So, I share your woes, buddy!

jeet said...

Summertime in Kolkata is a torture!!!!!!

Avi said...

Summers are the most stressful time of the year for most of us. A sticky, dehydrating summer can really take a toll on you physically. Hence, my advice is to make it a point to destress yourself as much as possible, you may use yoga or other relaxation techniques, and please do not forget to drink plenty of water, and natural fluids like fruit juice and green-coconut water. Scale back your activities a bit if you are feeling overwhelmed, and choose to say 'no' to requests that you feel would add to your stress or consume too much of your time. Add in those things that will relax you and relieve stress like a cool bath, a massage, or an hour alone with a good book.
Make summertime a time for happiness instead:)

LoverBoy said...

Almost all of us keep complaining about the weather time and again. Some complain when it rains, some complain when it snows, and most of us who stay in Kolkata absolutely hate it when we sweat and swoon in the summer heat. However, I complain when the weather denies me love....... 'cause I hate to be counted among the loveless.