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Friday, December 16, 2011

In memoriam: Love you, Dad

Last month, my dad passed away.
It is never easy for a son to write about his dead who is no more.
Yet, my dad fills my life with his presence, though it is no longer a bodily presence. He resides within. He makes himself ever-present by helping me hold a mirror to my own self.

Those who have known my dad
have perhaps known him as the most affable gentleman,
someone gentle, and easygoing,
one who warmed up affectionately to
all and sundry, and had his own special way of showing
them that he cared, empathized and connected with them
with his gentility, and kindness.

On a lighter note, he couldn't have been more different than Peter Reading, the accomplished British poet who also passed away on the seventeenth of last month.
For my readers, I won't prolong this In Memoriam piece, as I am not one who believes that personal grief can be blatantly shared, please forgive my inability.

I would just like to sum up with this verse,
can't acknowledge the poet as he/remains unknown to me,
the feeling is universal, hence sharing here.......

"When we lose someone we love
We learn to trust somehow
That a new life in a brighter place
Is just beginning now....
A place of grace, and peace, and joy,
Beyond all time and sorrow,
Where loving hearts who part today
Will meet again tomorrow."


Manojj said...

May his soul rest in peace.

pallavi said...

Those we love, do not go away...... they walk beside us, every single day...... unseen; unheard; but, always near, always loved, missed, and very dear.