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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Bolt' has won my heart!

Dogs in films aren't new. And dogs in animation films aren't new either. The Disney brand-name itself has had many successful associations with cute and lovable dog characters in the past, yet what makes their animation flick 'Bolt' stand out, and stand tall, is its clever narrative that has been blended beautifully with the picture-perfect animation.

'Bolt' is the story of a small white dog who has spent his entire life on the set of a television series without being aware of that reality. He thinks he is having a normal life, and yet it is just part of a one big act, orchestrated by the studio majors. The eponymous character thinks that he has super-powers - a whole lot of them ranging from super-bar & super-speed to laser vision. When he learns the truth, he is absolutely crushed. And then begins his real and biggest adventure to get back to his owner, co-star, Penny, a young girl with a heart-of -gold. Bolt is joined in his adventure by Mittens, the female alley cat, and Rhino, a TV-obsessed hamster.

The film's voice cast features John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Malcolm McDowell, Susie Essman, Mark Walton, Greg Germann, James Lipton, and Grey Delisle. It is directed by Chris Wiliams and Byron Howard. The original music has been scored by John Powell and the soundtrack has the brilliant track 'Barking at the moon' sung by Jenny Lewis, and also the Miley Cyrus and John Travolta end-credits number 'I thought I lost you'.
This computer generated animation flick has been handsomely produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio, who had released it in theaters in 2008, but I couldn't catch it on the big screen due to poor exhibition schedule (once again for an English-language film) here in Kolkata. I am thankful to my sister for making me watch it eventually.


Arunima said...

I am happy that I am writing the first comment on this delightful post. Bolt is my favourite too. The confusion that Bolt has between the real and the reel life is so endearing! I think the real message of Bolt lies in the thought that you dont need to have a 'special' life to celebrate life or feel special.

Joy said...

After Snoopy (in the comic strip Peanuts), Lassie (in films and in television serials), and Air Bud (in the films starring Kevin Zegers), Bolt is the most lovable canine ever characterized. I remember that I almost considered having a Labrador pup after watching the film. Who wouldn't want a loyal companion like Bolt who'd go to any length to save his owner? But, realistically speaking, one has to give in a fair measure to one's dog too..... all the love and attention and the care that it deserves. I haven't been able to afford a pet like Bolt for all those logistics. But I plan to get there soooooon!

Dibyendu Paul said...

"Bolt" Won my heart in terms of its story line, The clash between utopian world and the hard core reality. its a big conflict of the very character. I am simply amazed. Now its the time to watch it as soon as I can grab. Thanks for this delightful Post. :)

aarav said...

Bolt - the movie - has all the ingredients that make a film endeared by masses and the critics alike, it has action, adventure, comedy, intrigue and a very special message of "becoming who you are and still realizing your potential to the fullest, and rising to the occasion for the sake of love and loyalty". But what makes the film extra special for me are the characters of Bolt and Rhino. Bolt is the hero in the truest sense of the word, plus he is oh-so-cute and voiced by the oh-so-gorgeous John Travolta. But Rhino is even more interesting as his aspiring sidekick, as, apart from being cute & cuddly, he is a total nerd, and is absolutely starry-eyed, believing in Bolt's non-existent superpowers. Rhino is so very energetic, and his ferocity is remarkable for one of his size! I also loved the fact that Rhino has been voiced not by any big star, but by one of Disney's animators, making his character hundred per cent credible.